Blending your interior decor with natural materials, textures, and colors connects your inside and outside spaces. This is where we offer creative ideas to do just that and encourage you to bring life inside.

How to Make a Holiday Chandelier | Redeem Your Ground - RYGblog.com

One of the things I love most about this time of year is how warm and inviting our house looks and feels once all of our decorations are up and on display.  Yes, the lights add that special glow and each ornament has a story to tell; but I think it’s the layers of texture […]

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Using Cuttings from Your Backyard for Holiday Decor | Redeem Your Ground - RYGblog.com

Unfortunately many people limit their thoughts on cuttings from their yards to only mean colorful flowers – most of which bloom in the spring and summer. So once the temps turn cold, they put down their pruners and wait for the warmer months to come back around – all the while, missing out on so […]

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How to Make a Magnolia Leaf Centerpiece | Redeem Your Ground - RYGblog.com

One of my favorite trees that graces our yard is a massive Southern Magnolia. She stands over 100’ tall and speaks to both the history of the South and our home’s previous owners. And not only is she the perfect home for our girls’ treehouse, her branches and leaves are great to bring inside to […]

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Holiday Gift Embellishments & Decor | Redeem Your Ground - RYGblog.com

Helping families get outside at home more is at the core of what Redeem Your Ground is all about. But unfortunately, during this time of year it seems as if they’re fewer things drawing us outside – the weather is not as inviting, most flowers have stopped blooming, and many plants and trees have gone […]

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Top 5 RYG Christmas Decorating Posts

For all of you right-after-Thanksgiving-Christmas-decorating-folks…which I am not…I thought I’d provide you with a single place to find our Top 5 Christmas Decorating Posts. So without further ado, here you go… Chicken Wire Lighted Christmas Balls Our lighted Christmas balls made out of chicken wire is by far the most searched for post we’ve done on […]

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