Your yard can be a great backdrop for rich relationship building as you gather for a meal, a celebration, or a fireside chat. We hope here you’ll be inspired with ideas of how to use your yard to get together with family & friends in more meaningful ways.

Let there be light...string lights - Redeem Your Ground | RYGblog.com

If you’ve been reading RYGblog for anytime at all, you’ve probably heard me talk about “Scott Family Farm”…which is really just our side yard that we’ve redeemed from the waste of a space it used to be. (If you’re just tuning in and are interested in seeing more of what I’m talking about, check out […]

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Redeem Their Ground ... Barn Raising - Redeem Your Ground | RYGblog.com

This past Saturday was just one of those days. Not one of those days …bad. But one of those days…good, so good. And at the end of this oh-so-good day we plopped our exhausted bodies, full stomachs, reeling minds, and overflowing hearts in bed…satisfied…content…thankful…wondering why days like this didn’t happen more often. So what amazing […]

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DIY Pallet Board Coffee Table - Redeem Your Ground | RYGblog.com

I’ve finally jumped onto the DIY pallet board bandwagon. Last week I finished up a pallet board coffee table to go in front of the hanging day bed on our pergola. Now…the girls and I did make a wall hanging of sorts for Britt for Mother’s Day a couple of years ago out of pallet […]

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Outdoor Party - Redeem Your Ground | RYGblog.com

When considering where to host a special event like a birthday bash or a large dinner party, it seems that most of us limit our thinking to either having it inside or paying to have it somewhere else – when all along there’s very likely a great space just outside our doors.  With just a […]

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Neighborhood Games - Redeem Your Ground | RYGblog.com

There are few things that make my mind zoom back to my childhood quicker than hearing the song from Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood.  (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, take a look at the video below or ask one of your parents.) Man that was a long time ago…and when I consider how different many […]

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