The right design, the right plants, and the right conditions are key components to growing something beautiful. Here we hope you will be inspired and feel better equipped to help your garden grow.

Late Blooming Hydrangeas - Redeem Your Ground | RYGblog.com

I don’t know…maybe I love late blooming hydrangeas so much because I was a late bloomer myself. But hopefully I’ve gotten past my pre-pubescent challenges by now…and it has much more to do with the fact that while most of my yard’s other bloomin’ shrubs have seen a much better day, my Tardiva and Limelight hydrangeas […]

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Eyesore Makeovers - Making over what you don't want to see! | Redeem Your Ground & Exmark | www.RedeemYourGround.com & www.Exmark.com

On the landscape design side of Redeem Your Ground, more often than not when I’m onsite with my clients they have some sort of outdoor eyesore, so to speak, that they want to address. Whether it’s to hide their trashcans, utility boxes, or views of their neighbor’s garage or backyard…or what to do with their […]

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How, Why, & When to Prune Azaleas - Redeem Your Ground | RYGblog.com

Azaleas form the backbone of my backyard. Mrs. G. G. Gerbing Azaleas to be exact…I probably have over 100 of them. Some people ding azaleas for their short blooming season. But I’m good with that…because when mine are in bloom, my yard looks quite Shangri-La’esque if I do say so myself. And when they’re not in […]

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Father's Day for the Gardening Dad - Redeem Your Ground & Monrovia | www.RedeemYourGround.com & www.Monrovia.com

Gardening isn’t just a hobby for me – it’s a passion that both stirs me and grounds me…connecting me to nature’s honest rhythms and to what was best about my childhood. This deep love for the outdoors and gardening began when I was a boy… …transplanting perennials from my grandparents’ yard with my mom… …hunting […]

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Liquid Bliss - Water Features to Complement Your Outdoor Spaces | Redeem Your Ground & Exmark | www.RedeemYourGround.com & www.Exmark.com

There are few things that bring a sense of calm to a space like the tranquil sounds of bubbling water. But if that’s the only reason you’re considering adding a water feature to your landscape, think again. Water features bring so much more in the way of beauty and interest . . . not to […]

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