The right design, the right plants, and the right conditions are key components to growing something beautiful. Here we hope you will be inspired and feel better equipped to help your garden grow.

Liquid Bliss - Water Features to Complement Your Outdoor Spaces | Redeem Your Ground & Exmark | www.RedeemYourGround.com & www.Exmark.com

There are few things that bring a sense of calm to a space like the tranquil sounds of bubbling water. But if that’s the only reason you’re considering adding a water feature to your landscape, think again. Water features bring so much more in the way of beauty and interest . . . not to […]

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Redeem Your Ground & Exmark | How To Install a Paver Path | RedeemYourGround.com

If you’re searching for your next weekend project to enhance the use and beauty of your yard, installing a path or walkway to connect two or more of your outdoor spaces is definitely something you should consider. Not only are they a great way to functionally connect the dots of your yard, they also help flow […]

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Flower Power 101 - Top 4 Tips to Harness the Power of Flowers - Redeem Your Ground | RYGblog.com

There are few things that bring more life and beauty to an outdoor space than flowers. The more the merrier, right? They’re so versatile…bringing feelings of peace and tranquility, or an air of excitement and delight. It just depends on what you’re going for. With Spring now upon us and summer just around the corner, […]

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Container Gardening 101 - Redeem Your Ground | RYGblog.com & Unique by Design

Oh the signs of Spring! And one of the surest signs of spring for me has to be the overwhelmed, bug-eyed expressions that I see on peoples’ faces in big box stores or plant nurseries…not knowing what to buy from the vast selection of flowers to choose from. I know. I’m right there with you. […]

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Redeem Your Ground & Exmark | Types of Mulch | RedeemYourGround.com

If your yard looks like mine did last week…it’s time to get to mulchin’! I can say that so easily because I mulched this past weekend!!! Woopwoop! Not only will a fresh layer of mulch help make your yard look all nice and purdy, mid to late spring is the perfect time to mulch before […]

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