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We’re so glad you found our blog. We’re Doug and Brittany…and we live just outside of Atlanta, Georgia with our two young daughters. A few years back we recognized that our life at home was marked by a lot of coming & going and not much real living. Despite our well-meaning efforts to do what we thought we “should”, our story was a bit weak…and life seemed to be just passing us by. We longed to live a simpler…yet fuller, richer, and more intentional life. So we made the decision to change our direction and step outside our busyness and bring life back home.

After we renovated our 1960s ranch, we turned our attention to our yard – realizing that there was a ton of potential there and that we could extend life beyond the walls of our home. Tapping into Britt’s creative bent and her deep hopes for building a rich family identity and Doug’s knack to see the potential in spaces and ability to bring those visions to life…we set out on the journey to “redeem our ground”.  And we are actually finding that fuller and richer life we were looking for.

No longer is our yard an overgrown mess that we avoid, but rather a place that we enjoy whenever we can. We love hearing our girls laughing and running through the yard, exploring and using their imagination, getting dirty, and just being kids. Every morning we look forward to gathering the eggs from our feathered friends and anticipate what the garden will bring us each day. We retreat to our hanging daybed, treehouse or other spots around the yard to talk, read a book or do homework…or to just rest and revive our souls. We also find ourselves connecting more in real conversation with friends and neighbors by just being outside. As simple as all this sounds…it’s not always easy to do; however, it’s closer to how we believe life should be lived.

So with this blog we want to help others find this simpler, yet more meaningful cadence of life at home too.  It’s our hope that as we share our ground redemption stories that you will be motivated to redeem your outdoor spaces as well. And if you do, we’d love to hear about it so that we can share your stories as further inspiration to others.

If you’d like to hear & see more about our story, please check out the episode on Growing a Greener World where Redeem Your Ground is featured.Growing a Greener World & Redeem Your Ground

More about Brittany

I am a wife to an amazing man who is my “resident gardener.” I am a mom to two precious daughters who bring me great joy. My home is my haven! I am a lover of my backyard and see it as an extension of my home. I’m a city girl who dreams of living in the country. I am busy yet long to live simply. I’m a lover of all things creative including my Creator. I love being a part of a greater story and long to be used to make a difference and show love to others. I am a friend to many and couldn’t imagine life without their love and encouragement. I want my girls to have rich memories of a well-lived childhood. I want my family to live fully and want the same for yours!

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More about Doug

I’m blessed with a beautiful and supportive wife and my world is made full by two amazing daughters. Growing up my family loved adventure and the great outdoors – hunting, hiking, fishing, scuba diving…you name it. And like my mom and grandparents, I loved getting my hands dirty in the garden every chance I got. So I guess you could say that my roots for family and the outdoors run deep.

And not much has changed in that regard. These days you’ll very likely find me outside with my family exploring, planting and building things, or just hanging out. There’s no other place that I’d rather be than outside with my family at home.

But to live this way…more intentionally, I had to make some changes. Although I went to some great schools and had some really good jobs, my professional life wasn’t doing it for me. It wasn’t tapping into my true passions and the results weren’t pretty. So some years back I made the bold move (some might say crazy) to start Redeem Your Ground – an exterior design firm where I leverage my passions and innate design skills to help others redeem their ground at home as we have done with ours.

At the same time Britt and I launched RYGblog. Which is crazy because previously I had cursed the evils of social media…yet here I am, right in the middle of it! But if we can help someone else get outside to connect with others and live a fuller, more meaningful life, then I’m good with that…real good with that. I hope you’ll join us on this ground-redeeming ride.

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