Whoever said a chicken isn’t a pet has never raised one. Regardless, pets of any kind can expand your family’s life outside. Here we’d like to offer inspiration and insight into raising animals and to share design ideas to incorporate your pet’s needs into your lifestyle and landscape.

A Bee's Life - Redeem Your Ground | www.RedeemYourGround.com

Thanks to Britt and her highly intentional way of living, every year we try to add something to enrich how we do life at home. Whether it’s growing a family veggie garden, raising chickens, or reading books as a family…although I may be the primary doer (well, not the reading part), Britt’s the primary finder […]

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Father's Day for the Gardening Dad - Redeem Your Ground & Monrovia | www.RedeemYourGround.com & www.Monrovia.com

Gardening isn’t just a hobby for me – it’s a passion that both stirs me and grounds me…connecting me to nature’s honest rhythms and to what was best about my childhood. This deep love for the outdoors and gardening began when I was a boy… …transplanting perennials from my grandparents’ yard with my mom… …hunting […]

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Liquid Bliss - Water Features to Complement Your Outdoor Spaces | Redeem Your Ground & Exmark | www.RedeemYourGround.com & www.Exmark.com

There are few things that bring a sense of calm to a space like the tranquil sounds of bubbling water. But if that’s the only reason you’re considering adding a water feature to your landscape, think again. Water features bring so much more in the way of beauty and interest . . . not to […]

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RYG Christmas Gift List 2015 - Redeem Your Ground | RYGblog.com

Last year I suggested a list of last minute gift ideas for your ground redeeming friends and family. I’ve recently been asked if I was going to do it again…and I am. Today. Right now. So keep reading. (By the way, feel free to look at last year’s list if nothing on this year’s strikes […]

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Taking Care of Your Chickens During Winter - Redeem Your Ground | RYGblog.com & Fresh Eggs Daily | FreshEggsDaily.com

Last week I did a post on some crazy stuff we crazy chicken people do with our chickens – put diapers on them, use harnesses to take them on walks, and dress them up in costumes.  But honestly, these are all things really more for our benefit or entertainment than for our chickens’. So clearly […]

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