Client Stories

It’s been our honor to work with many Atlanta-area families to help them reclaim and embrace their outdoor spaces.  Ultimately, we believe that the yard should be a vital extension of the home – but unfortunately, all too often it’s not. Therefore, our efforts are much more than just putting some pretty plants in the ground and calling it a day. Instead we very intentionally work first to understand your “why” so that whatever we do will bring greater peace, meaning, and enjoyment to your outdoor spaces.

MHS on stepping stones_cropped (3)Redeem Your Ground is the perfect name for your company. RYG’s design was so creative, so practical… transformative really. I cannot get over how much I love all the outdoor spaces that are now usable. Not only that, it actually feels like a much bigger space… something much appreciated by a family of six. I love to be outside with my family now more than ever… I can’t decide which is my new favorite spot. I am so thankful!”

– Mandy R. (Marietta, GA)

Client-Stories-two“Since our yard overhaul, we have been delighting in our beautiful backyard because of you and Redeem Your Ground. We marvel at how wonderfully you listened to our ideas, asked discerning questions, and created a design that was really perfect. Thanks for helping us problem-solve and getting us over the hurdles that had kept us from moving forward for years. Thanks from the bottom of our hearts.”

– James & Marsha L. (Smyrna, GA)

Client-Stories-three“Before Doug re-designed our backyard it was quite literally “dead.” Honestly, I didn’t like going out there at all. My husband and I would stand on our deck and try to figure out what to do… but we were simply overwhelmed. When Doug drew up the plans, we were amazed at how our yard could look! Now, what once was on paper is now in our back yard and we couldn’t be happier!”

– Mary Anthony N. (Atlanta, GA)

Client-Stories-4Garden“We really enjoyed working with Doug. He took our project on as if it was his own yard. His passion for the design and usability of our yard was evident. He listened to our thoughts and desires and incorporated them into an awesome plan. I am so excited about watching our family use all of the new elements Doug brought into our yard. We will enjoy it for years!”

– Bryan R. (Marietta, GA)

Client-Stories-Tire5“Doug doesn’t plant flowers and shrubs just for the sake of having flowers and shrubs. There’s passion and purpose with each decision. He creates a space that makes you want to get outside. Our yard is now a place where I WANT to be with my kids, to have people over, or to just be outside.”

– Eddie N. (Atlanta, GA)

Client-Stories-six“It was an absolute pleasure to work with Doug from Redeem Your Ground. One thing that really impressed us with Doug was how his design connected our indoor living spaces with our new outdoor living spaces. He didn’t just ask what shrubs we liked or tell us how many pallets of sod we needed, but before all that he asked us how we wanted to live outside and how it connected to our home. As a result, his master plan for our yard seemed to double the size of our home. While we had no intention or budget to do everything this first phase – he gave us a longer term vision for what our next steps could be and how to make wise decisions now that took into consideration our ultimate plan. Doug enjoyed simply talking about the potential for our space and how our family would best be served by the changes. We highly recommend RYG and look forward to working with them again in the future.”

– Nicole & Lehr E. (Marietta, GA)

“If I ever go looking for my heart’s desire again, I won’t look any further than my own back yard. Because if it isn’t there, I never really lost it to begin with!” – Dorothy, A Farmgirl from Kansas