So What’s Your Family Story?

Alright…I’m cheating a bit with this post…because I’m re-posting it.  But here’s the deal…I’m sick and I just don’t have it in me to come up with anything new right now.  BUT…please keep reading. Odds are, when I posted this almost 3 months ago, you didn’t see it – unless you are Brittany, one of our moms, or me…because that really made up our “followers” back then.  But also keep reading because the whole “family story” thing is central to Redeem Your Ground…and I think that it’s something critical that we all need to get. There’s a good chance that you just got back from, are on, or planning to go on Spring Break right about now…which means a good bit of family time.  Well I hope that this post causes you to pause long enough to take stock in your family’s trajectory…and consider what needs to be done to bring about the course-correction you believe needs to happen…and then do it.

But as for me, well…as my dad would say before going to bed…I’m going to “assume the position in the great white womb and stack Zs”…and hope that when I wake up my nasty cold will be gone.  Take care, D.


There are few things that move me more than music. Sometimes a song will just send me somewhere…and you can call me a sap, but “The House that Built Me” is one of those songs. Although Miranda Lambert didn’t write it, her performance and the words that Tom Douglas and Allen Shamblin penned, really capture a piece of me each time I listen to it. Sometimes it wells up memories of my childhood, but most of the time it causes me to consider what memories our girls will have of our home…when they are grown and starting out on their own. (Watch and listen by clicking below.)

As you can tell on this blog, the idea of “story” is important to us.  And what story we’re telling at home is something that Britt and I talk about a lot.  In fact, asking ourselves the question “What memories will our girls string together to tell their childhood story?” is one of the things that started us on this Redeem Your Ground journey…recognizing that we (primarily…I) had gotten a bit off track.

What we’re trying to do now is to tell a story at home that our girls are both interested in and actively engaged in.  A story that grounds them and helps them better understand who The Scott Family is…and who we aren’t.  A story that breathes life into them, builds confidence in them, and helps them embrace who they are and how they were uniquely created.  We believe that a story being told at home that is rich in meaning and steeped in love and full of adventure will help them graciously embrace life’s ups and more firmly withstand life’s downs…both of which will inevitably come their way.  In contrast, we also believe that if our story is not very interesting or engaging, that they will likely go looking elsewhere for a story that they think is…and odds are, that story won’t end so well.

This is one of the primary reasons why we’ve so intentionally considered what happens in our outdoor spaces at home.  We’ve tried to redeem our ground in a way that sets the stage for deeper relationships and richer involvement of body, mind, soul, and senses. We don’t want our home to simply be a place where we park, eat, sleep, pass each other by, and leave…but rather a place where life happens and where meaning is discovered.

We are definitely a work in progress…and I know we will never truly arrive.  But simply being aware of “story” has caused us to be more intentional at making sure that our story will not only have a richer ending, but that it also makes our hearts beat fuller and faster and more in sync and is defined by love, experience, and purpose.

Stepping back for a second, what story is being told in your home? Like it or not, a story is being told.  If it’s not one that you like, what are you going to do about it?

Take care,
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