RYG Disclosure Policy


Disclosure Policy – General

At Redeem Your Ground, we’re all about helping you & your family get outside more at home to connect with each other, friends, and nature.

To do that we will often provide links to articles, products, and other resources that we have found helpful … to make you that much more informed and to make it that much easier for you to redeem your ground.

Amazon Associate Program

As an Amazon Associate, Redeem Your Ground may earn commissions from qualifying purchases on Amazon.com.

This doesnโ€™t affect which products we include in our posts. All of the products we link to are included because we  their believe in their quality, performance and/or overall reputation, regardless of any affiliate relationships … and more than likely, because we have used them ourselves.

Our reputation as an unbiased resource to help you with your outdoor projects is important to us, and that helps us navigate what we recommend to our ground redeeming friends. You can learn more about us here, or connect with us if you have questions about Redeem Your Ground.

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