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Design & Consultation Services for Your Outdoor Spaces

Design & Consultation Services for Your Outdoor Spaces

Simply put, our goal is to create outdoor spaces that reflect who you are & how you want to live outside at home. So in a sense, we effectively want to extend the walls of your home outside in ways that bring greater life to you & your family. 

We believe that your yard should be a vital extension of your home — but all too often that's not the case. Therefore, our aim is to do much more than put pretty plants in the ground. Instead, we want to develop a design that reflects who you are & how you want to live outside at home — your why

We help make yards more than just the space that surrounds your home. Whether through a consultation ... or a rendered conceptual design, all the way through to installation, we’ll make sure that your time outside at home will be filled with greater purpose & enjoyment.

Sure, we can tell you how great we are & how we're different from other landscape design firms. But you don't have to take our word for it ... hear what our clients have to say themselves.  And if that's not enough, scroll through or click over to images of some of our design installations.

“This is real, and it is happening now, just as it happened before:
We are under the big tree in my backyard, on that patch of dirt where we used to build fairy houses from moss and sticks and scraps of birch. It is late afternoon. All around us is golden light. We have been together all day, in our cutoff shorts and bare feet.”


Ali Benjamin, Mom | Storyteller | Author