Get Outside & Play! (The Importance of Outdoor Play)

Outdoor Play - Redeem Your Ground |

Odds are, if you’ve read even just a few of our posts you’ve gleaned that one of the reasons Britt and I are doing this whole redeem your ground thing is out of our desire to get kids outside to play more…ours, yours, whomevers!  A lot of that is likely due to the fact that…

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Why Redeem Your Ground? Your Kids.

Okay…I’ll admit it…it’s been a tough couple of days.  A few things that I had hoped would come together didn’t…and a few things I didn’t want to happen did.  Launching a new business, particularly in an industry you didn’t build your 20+ year career on, is challenging to say the least…frustrating at times, and sometimes…

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Do you know where your kids are?

As I was starting out on this whole redeem your ground journey, I was told by two completely unrelated people that I should read “The Last Child in the Woods: Saving Our Children From Nature-Deficit Disorder” by Richard Louv.  And I’m so glad that they did. It’s a great read – it’s thought-provoking and for…

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