Planting Your Fall Vegetable Garden…Get On It!

Fall Vegetable Garden - Redeem Your Ground |

Planting my fall vegetable garden always sneaks up on me…and this year is no different. So in the next couple of days I’m going to try to jump out from behind the eight-ball…clear-out my very spent summer flowers & veggies…finally…and get my fall veggies in the ground. And if you’re planning to have a fall…

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Garden Trends 2015

Garden Trends 2015 - Redeem Your Ground |

  Man…when we signed off at Christmas…saying that we’ll reconnect in the New Year, I had no idea that it would be over 3 weeks before we did. Sorry about that…but thanks. Our time away has been very good..and I hope yours was too. We had some great time together as a family…which was really nice and much needed. We also spent a…

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The Home Vegetable Garden – Clearly a Family Affair

There’s a ton I could say about today’s guest-blogger, Josh…but I’m going to limit it to these few words or phrases: husband and daddy; outdoorsman; home gardener; and friend. What sets him apart, though, is the infectious fervor with which he approaches each of these areas of his life .  He’s that guy who makes…

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