My Favorite Late Blooming Hydrangeas

Late Blooming Hydrangeas - Redeem Your Ground |

I don’t know…maybe I love late blooming hydrangeas so much because I was a late bloomer myself. But hopefully I’ve gotten past my pre-pubescent challenges by now…and it has much more to do with the fact that while most of my yard’s other bloomin’ shrubs have seen a much better day, my Tardiva and Limelight hydrangeas…

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How to Plant Hydrangeas

Types of Hydrangea - Redeem Your Ground | RYGblog

Last week I started a series of posts on hydrangeas…which seems to be one of everyone’s favorite plants – particularly here in the South.  My initial post was all about the “what”…outlining the importance of knowing what kind of hydrangea is best for your space…and noting that there’s a ton you can get by simply looking at the scientific name.…

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Hydrangea – Quick Reference Guide

5 Must Have Shrubs with White Flowers (Annabelle Hydrangeas) - Redeem Your Ground |

Based on the positive feedback I received from some of my fellow ground redeemers, instead of burying the Quick Reference Guide to Common Landscape Hydrangeas at the end of the post where some folks might miss it…I’m giving it a post all to itself. So if you did miss it and want to download and print it off……

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