Redeem Your Day

Redeem Your Day - Redeem Your Ground |

This weekend was bittersweet.  Sweet in that Sunday was Father’s Day and I was showered with love and attention by Brown & Littlest One…and Britt.  It was really great…soul-filling…affirming…and so rich. I’m blessed. Bitter in that I got the news of 2 horrible things that had happened this past week.  First, a guy I briefly worked…

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Ryan’s Story: An inch & a half of comfort changed my life forever

Ryan's Story...Redeem Your Ground |

Greetings fellow ground redeemers.  Last week I upped the RYG ante a bit and challenged you to consider your story…and then tell your story…believing that when we do, we affect others’ stories for the better.  But you may be asking yourself…That’s great and all, but what in the frick-n-frack does my telling my story –…

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