Irish Garden Shed … Clearly, Not Your Everyday Shed

Irish Garden Shed - Redeem Your Ground |

  Early last year my mother-in-law did a post on RYGblog about one of her friend’s beautiful potting shed . If you haven’t seen it…check it out…because you’ll see that not only is it incredibly functional (why most people want a shed), but it is gorgeous as well (something few think is possible). I included that…

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The Potting Shed…a Solution of Function & Beauty

Earlier this week I introduced you to Brenda…my fast-talking, bigger-than-life mother-in-law…lover of her garden and all things beautiful.  Recently she took a trip to visit a friend out of town…and as you can tell by her post below, she was quite impressed by the beauty and functionality of her friend’s potting shed.  I think you…

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