Quick & Easy Holiday Gift Embellishments & Décor – Bringing the “Outside In”


Helping families get outside at home more is at the core of what Redeem Your Ground is all about. But unfortunately, during this time of year it seems as if they’re fewer things drawing us outside – the weather is not as inviting, most flowers have stopped blooming, and many plants and trees have gone completely dormant.


Holiday Gift Embellishments & Decor | Redeem Your Ground - RYGblog.com


To remedy that, something that we Scotts do to encourage venturing outside more … and we recommend others to do the same … is to get out in our yard to gather plant material to decorate with inside. Besides giving us a good reason to breathe some fresh air, it’s a quick, easy, creative, and inexpensive way to bring the outside in while decorating for the Holidays.


DIY Holiday Decor & Gift Embellishment | Redeem Your Ground - RYGblog.com

Candle wrapped with rosemary & twine


With that in mind, over the next week or so we’re going to share 4 DIY outside-in Holiday décor projects that are super-easy, use very few materials, and will cost you close to nothing. But more importantly, when all is said and done what you create will provide your home with the added warmth, texture, and personality that you’re looking for this Holiday season … while bringing the outside in!



Today I’m going to share one of the easiest ways to bring the outside in by simply using sprigs of your favorite plants to embellish gifts and make other one-of-a-kind creations. Doing so will add that special something to your table tops and gift-giving efforts … with very little effort. And because it’s so simple, it’s something you can do with the kids in your life.



Materials Needed

All you’ll need is what you’re tying on and what you’re tying with … seriously, that’s it.

  • Pruners & scissors
  • Cuttings from your yard (see examples below)
  • Raffia, twine, or ribbon
  • Other embellishments may include: cinnamon sticks, pinecones, gift tags, etc.


DIY Holiday Decor Using Evergreen Cuttings | Redeem Your Ground - RYGblog.com

Lavender, boxwoods, and rosemary



Instructions & Tips

Again, these projects are so easy all you’ll need to know how to do is cut and tie. That being the case, I’ll let the pictures not only inspire you, but show you how to do it as well.

However, I will offer you these tips:

  • Herbs are great to use, but note that the woodier herbs, like rosemary and lavender, will last longer than their tender cousins.
  • Likewise, we’ve found that using cuttings from shrubs and trees that have needles or leaves that are tougher make for better embellishments (i.e., they don’t get droopy so quickly). For example: boxwoods, Christmas tree trimmings, Cryptomeria, juniper, and holly. Clearly, some plants say “Christmas” more than others, but don’t get stuck on that – complementing your cuttings with other materials like red ribbon and berries will help spread the Holiday cheer just fine.


DIY Holiday Decor & Gift Embellishments | Redeem Your Ground - RYGblog.comm

The ultimate in easy napkin rings – boxwoods tied with twine


  • Less is more. Tying a bunch of different types of sprigs, with a fancy ribbon and several other embellishments is not only clunky to look at, but clumsy to make. A single sprig that fell from your Christmas tree tied to a package with twine is oftentimes all you’ll need. Don’t over-complicate things.


DIY Holiday Decor & Gift Embellishment | Redeem Your Ground - RYGblog.com

Mason jar capped with burlap and tied with red & white twine, Christmas tree sprig – complete with Mulling Spice recipe instructions


  • Likewise, when decorating your gifts, consider letting your embellishments be the focus, not the wrapping. Using solid colored paper, even plain butcher block paper, not only highlights the plant’s beauty and your craftiness, but does so in a classic, unassuming way.


Gift wrapped in craft paper, tied off with red & white twine and cutting of Cryptomeria with strategically placed pinecone


  • Don’t be afraid to experiment and edit. These projects are so easy, if something doesn’t look quite right simply edit it out or start all over … it will take about 38 seconds.


DIY Holiday Decor & Gift Embellishment | Redeem Your Ground - RYGblog.com

Simple napkin holder – rosemary & cinnamon sticks tied off with burlap ribbon



I hope that this post has both helped and motivated you to create a warm and inviting home this Holiday season with your very own creations a la your back yard! That said, it’s probably taken you longer to read this post than it would have been for you to get outside and get your craft on! So grab some pruners and get out there to see what you can find. I’m about to do the same.

Take care friends,



(Note, more images below!)



We’re proud to be partnering with  Monrovia … the plant company of all plant companies … on this Outdoors-In Holiday Décor series. And in case you didn’t know … for generations Monrovia has worked very hard to provide its customers with the healthiest and most beautiful plants to grace their homes and outdoor spaces. Regardless, all the thoughts and opinions shared on this post are ours.

Monrovia Plants | www.Monrovia.com

DIY Holiday Decor & Gift Embellishment | Redeem Your Ground - RYGblog.com

Napkin ring holder made from Cryptomeria cutting and red & white gingham ribbon

DIY Holiday Decor & Gift Embellishment | Redeem Your Ground - RYGblog.com

Larger Kraft paper wrapped gift embellished with trimmed red ribbon and boxwood sprig

DIY Holiday Decor & Gift Embellishment | Redeem Your Ground - RYGblog.com

Candle with Cryptomeria cutting tied with red & white twine

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