Redeem Your Ground Blog 2.0

After an almost 18-month hiatus from the blogosphere we’re excited about the eventual relaunch of the Redeem Your Ground blog! We apologize for not having posted anything new in a vehhhry loooonnnngg time…and we’re even sorrier if you tried to post a comment or emailed us and it took us a crazy long time to get back to you…or we never got back with you. Seriously, we’re so sorry. Without going into the juicy details let’s just say that our family story for the last 2 years or so has read more like a tragic, life-sucking Netflix family drama than the intentional, life-giving tale we aim to tell. Although the histrionics took their toll on us, thankfully they didn’t directly involve we 4 Atlanta Scotts…but took place elsewhere on my family tree. Regardless, the family crazy pretty much rendered me useless on many fronts – leaving me with little to no creative margin. Fortunately I was able to maintain the design side of RYG…sort of, but I had to let the blog side of things go…and be okay with that. The good news is that most of that dark stuff is behind us and now we’re starting to see the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel. But more…we believe that this very difficult, depressing, and fairly dire season we’re coming out of will only serve to refine what and how we share content on RYGblog. I guess one way to look at it is that now we see even greater purpose in helping others redeem their ground & when we do we’ll do it with greater appreciation for the opportunity to do so. So thanks for your patience & understanding. Please be on the look out for the re-launch sometime this spring. I think you’ll really love how we’ve re-branded and re-structured things – always trying to keep in mind what content you’d find most helpful & how you’d want to consume it. We’re pretty excited. Thanks for sticking with us fellow Ground Redeemers…and stay tuned! Take care,

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