Redeem Their Ground…Bringing Back the Old-Fashioned Barn Raising

Redeem Their Ground ... Barn Raising - Redeem Your Ground |

This past Saturday was just one of those days. Not one of those days …bad. But one of those days…good, so good. And at the end of this oh-so-good day we plopped our exhausted bodies, full stomachs, reeling minds, and overflowing hearts in bed…satisfied…content…thankful…wondering why days like this didn’t happen more often. So what amazing…

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Snow Days … the Perfect Time to Gather and to Connect

One Tuesday back in 2014 I spent over four hours stuck in gridlocked, icy roads desperately trying to drive a carload of 2nd graders back to school from a field trip to anxiously waiting parents.  Many a moment along that journey the feat seemed impossible…the kids hadn’t had lunch, some desperately needed to go to…

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