Stamping with Okra…Yes, Okra!

Stamping with Okra - Redeem Your Ground |

Here’s a little craftiness for you crafty gardeners…stamping with okra!  Yes…okra!  When you cut off the head of the okra there is such a charming and unique shape to be found inside the rough, elongated exterior that makes for an adorable stamp.  So if your garden is producing way too much okra that you just can’t…

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Sautéed Okra Recipe that Will Make an Okra Convert Out of You!

Sauteed Okra Recipe - Redeem Your Ground |

I posted this photo on my personal Instagram and Facebook pages with the tag…“Been anticipating our okra harvest this summer!  It’s time!  Mmmmm good!”  And so many of the comments had some type of reference to fried okra.  Now I do loooooove fried okra. It’s one of my favorite things to order at any southern cookin’ restaurant…

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Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt

Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt - Redeem Your Ground |

I think it’s perfect that Easter is celebrated in Spring!  Really…there is such rich symbolism connecting the two.  Just when all the new life is emerging from all the plants in our yard – that just weeks before appeared dead, we also get to celebrate Jesus’ death and resurrection and the new life He brings us. …

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Easter Egg Birdseed Ornaments

Easter is just around the corner and I’ve got a fun activity  you can do with your kids this weekend.  If you’ve been following us from the beginning you may remember the Birdseed Ornaments I wrote about at  Christmastime.  Well this is a twist on those same ornaments…Easter Egg birdseed ornaments to hang outside that…

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Thankful Tree…Just in Time for Thanksgiving

How to Make a Thankful Tree - Redeem Your Ground |

For those of you with lots of ideas, but who never seem to get around to doing them… you’re not alone. I took this photo of a precious little Thankful Tree I saw at a friend’s house the year her young daughter made it…in 2007!  I remember snapping the photo for inspiration for a future…

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I’m So Glad It’s October!

I'm So Glad It's October - Redeem Your Ground |

I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers. Oh Anne Shirley…I couldn’t agree with you more!  I completely share your sentiment!  October is THE BEST!  It is a much anticipated month for me…probably because fall is my most favorite season and October ushers in this favorite season of mine. I am…

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Eggplant Parmesan Recipe…So Easy and So Good!

Easy Eggplant Parmesan Recipe - Redeem Your Ground |

As some of our veggies start to peter out, I can count on our eggplants to continue producing beauties even into early fall.  What a beautiful vegetable…but one I don’t think I enjoyed eating until just a few years ago.  My mom made me try one of her eggplant dishes and I’m so glad that she did…it seems that I…

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How to Make Homemade Mulling Spices … the Perfect Teacher Gift or Hostess Gift this Christmas!

How to Make Homemade Mulling Spices - Redeem Your Ground |

Okay…I realize that I re-post this post on homemade mulling spices every year. But I’m not going to apologize…not gonna do it. Because mulling spices really are that good. And they never get old. If you ever stop by casa de Scott during the months of December or January, don’t be surprised to find a pot of mulling spices simmering on our stove…wafting…

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Easy Pumpkin Seed Recipes…and Tasty Too!

Easy Pumpkin Seed Recipes - Redeem Your Ground |

With Halloween right around the corner, you, like me, may be gutting a pumpkin this weekend…transforming it into a jack-o-lantern. If so, I thought I’d re-post a post Britt did a couple of years ago about some pretty tasty pumpkin seed recipes. Happy Halloween Y’all, Okay…with Halloween behind us, I may be a day late…

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DIY Painted American Flag Door Hanger

DIY American Flag Door Hanger - Redeem Your Ground |

Just in time to help you celebrate the 4th of July, I’ve got a great patriotic craft project for you…a painted American Flag Door Hanger!  It’s fun, easy, and very inexpensive…and regardless of how crafty you are, I’m certain it’ll turn out super cute!  Oh…and it’s very kid-friendly too…so if you’re looking for a project to do with your kids…

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Lipsmacking Blueberry Spice Pie Recipe

Blueberry Pie Recipe - Redeem Your Ground |

It’s blueberry season again…and with the 4th of July right around the corner I thought I’d share my tasty blueberry spice pie recipe with you. It’s a recipe a dear friend made for us a few years back that has become a Scott Family favorite ever since.  And now that we grow our very own blueberries…

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5 Great End-of-the-Year Teacher Gifts … RYG Style!

Herb Garden Basics ... Redeem Your Ground |

  It’s hard to believe…but summer’s almost here. And actually…ours has already begun since Brown and Littlest One got out of school last week…whoop whoop!! That said, odds are if your kids are in grade school you’re probably looking for a thoughtful…yet inexpensive…end-of-the-year teacher gift.  So I wanted to help you out by sharing a…

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Birdseed Ornaments…Christmastime Fun!

Christmas vacation is here, the kids are out of school, you need some fun activities to do with them and it’s just too cold some days to get outside and play.  So I’ve got a fun idea to do with your kids indoors that you bring outdoors…..consider it a homemade holiday gift you can make…

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I-Spy Thanksgiving Day Walk

I-Spy Thanksgiving Day Walk - Redeem Your Ground |

It’s Thanksgiving week and I’m so excited…I just love it! My girls are out of school all week and it’s fall…my favorite season! It’s a great combination for some good family time…enjoying each other and the outdoors and all its glory! Of course Thanksgiving Day will be the highlight. All four of us love spending time at my…

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For the Birds…How to Make Cheerios Bird Feeders

How to Make Cheerios Bird Feeder - Redeem Your Ground |

My mom,  sister, and aunts are all obsessed with the Eagle Cam at Berry College. They go online several times a day to see what’s going on with the eagles and their babies.  And then they text updates to everyone if they’ve caught them feeding the babies or doing something else interesting. Check it out for yourself…it’s really pretty cool.…

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Define Your “Ground”

Define Your Ground - Redeem Your Ground |

  Hello friends!  Well it’s the second week of February and I’m finally sitting down to write my first post of the year.  Whaaat!?!? Where did January go?!?! January…for me, is usually a fairly calm, not too busy, get-caught-up-on-things kind of month that I always look forward to. Not this year.  January was a whirlwind…not the quiet,…

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Deck the Halls…Scott Family Christmas Traditions

Christmas Tree Trimming - Redeem Your Ground -

It’s definitely looking a lot like Christmas in our home…and I love it!  I just love how our home transforms during this special time of year.  In the early morning and late evening, I love sitting and gazing at everything as I reflect on the joy of Christmas! We wanted to take this opportunity to invite…

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How to Make a Pinecone Garland

7 Fun Fall Activities ... How to Make Pinecone Garland - Redeem Your Ground |

One fall-into-winter outdoorsy decoration that has graced our mantel for many years now is a simple pinecone garland.  It’s very easy to make and will hardly cost you a thing.  And for those of you who don’t think that you’re crafty, I’m confident that you too can so do this!  Really, it’s so straightforward and…

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Repurposing Glass Jars as Charming Flower Vases

Repurposing Glass Jars as Charming Flower Vases - Redeem Your Ground |

Last weekend I helped host a bridal shower with some friends for our pastor’s daughter.   What a fun and special celebration for this young bride!  One of my responsibilities as hostess was to bring flowers to brighten up the tables.  With all the glass jars on the counter from last week’s blog (on reusing them as inserts in decorative…

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Repurposing Glass Jars to Bring Some Green Inside

Repurposing Glass Jars as Charming Flower Vases - Redeem Your Ground |

My mom is amazing at bringing the outdoors in…what we like to call “BLENDing” here at RYG.  She has such a gift and an eye for plants and how to arrange them in such a lovely way.  She’s always gathering things from her yard and bringing the beauty inside for various occasions…or maybe for no…

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Natural Bug Spray Recipe

The Rhythm of Family...Natural Bug Spray - Redeem Your Ground | &

It’s the end of August.and I am so fed up with battling mosquitoes.  I know they are God’s creation and all…and I know that they have a great purpose in our ecosystem, but they drive. me. crazy!!!!! They steal so much joy out of an otherwise lovely day!  My girls and I always get eaten…

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How to Make a Scarecrow

How to Make a Scarecrow - Redeem Your Ground |

The one downside to having a veggie garden is…the critters that come and feast on the vegetables without an invitation!  It’s so frustrating going out to find a squirrel dining on the very nice, large, green tomato we’ve been waiting to ripen and dreaming about eating ourselves.  And they never say “thank you”…such poor mannered critters! We have tried…

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Easy & Oh-So-Tasty Tomato Pie Recipe

Tomato Pie Recipe - Redeem Your Ground | (tomato recipe)

“There are two things in life that money can’t buy…it’s true love and homegrown tomatoes”…that’s according to a song my Aunt KK used to quote.   And I think there’s some real truth to that!   Money couldn’t…and didn’t buy the true love I found in my Resident Gardener.  And there is nothing like a…

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How to Make a Driftwood Candle Holder

How to Make a Driftwood Candle Holder - Redeem Your Ground |

Last summer Doug and I found a really cool piece of driftwood that had washed up on shore at my parents’ lake house. It was a really interesting  piece of wood…with its unique curves and beautiful grayed, smooth texture.  Given that we found it at my parents’ lake house I knew right away that I wanted to turn…

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Great American Backyard Campout Day!

Great American Backyard Campout (Backyard Camping) - Redeem Your Ground | (

Mark your calendars…this coming Saturday, June 28th is Great American Backyard Campout Day!  Who knew?! This year the National Wildlife Foundation has set a goal of getting 200,000 people across the country to camp out this weekend.  To learn more, as well as get some great tips and ideas for your camping experience you can…

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National Get Outdoors Day!

Did you know that June 14th, 2014 is National Get Outdoors Day (GO)? That’s THIS Saturday people!  So what are you going to do to celebrate?  Since we’ve just recently learned of this great day, we at the Scott Household are still trying to figure out what we might do tomorrow to celebrate, but we definitely…

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Summer Family Read Aloud Books

Summer Family Read Aloud Books - Redeem Your Ground |

So last week I wrote about how reading outside is a great way to redeem a little ground at home. Going off that, I’d now like to encourage you to choose a family read aloud book for the summer – something you could read together as a family…maybe while laying on a blanket on a…

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Summer Reading…Take It Outside!

Reading Outdoors - Redeem Your Ground |

The countdown to summer is on at our house.  Just two weeks of school left until summer vacation!  And I’ll be honest – we. can’t. wait!  It’s hard to prioritize homework when it’s so beautiful outside…the sun is setting later and frankly we are just tired of doing homework after 9 months.  We definitely have spring…

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Living Gifts that Keep Giving

Living Gifts - Redeem Your Ground |

I’m on a gift-giving kick right now.  After writing last week’s post on ground redeeming Anniversary gifts I’ve been motivated and thinking about what I’m going to get my Resident Gardener for Father’s Day…in June!  But in the meantime I’ve also been gathering a few friends’ birthday gifts, end-of-the-year teacher gifts, and of course a Mother’s…

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Ground Redeeming Anniversary Gifts

Anniversary Flowers - Redeem Your Ground |

My Resident Gardener highlighted our beautiful Lady Banks’ Rose on RYGblog earlier this week.  Oh how I love her!  I love how she has created a lush canopy to welcome our guests.  I anticipate her beauty every spring as it is such a pinnacle moment when she blooms.  I always want to invite guests over…

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Spring Forward…Taking Homework Outside

“Spring Forward” always brings with it a little bit of good and a little bit of bad to our home.  Some of the bad is simply that I’m still dragging along from missing that one silly hour of sleep.  And beyond that, my mind still hasn’t adjusted to the “sunlight clock” and I’m still thinking that…

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Outdoor Themed Dishtowels

After weeks on end of planning for and celebrating everyone else in the family…I got a little gift for myself this week.  And of course I had to share it with you guys as a Fun Friday Find.   This Fun Find just makes me smile as they brighten up my kitchen and seem to…

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Gardening Themed Birthday Party

So since I am STILL in birthday mode this week (see last week’s post if you missed my last birthday post)…I thought I’d share another great outside inspired birthday party from the past. When my Littlest One was turning five, we planned a gardening themed birthday party. In my mind it would be held in…

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Camping Themed Birthday Party

‘Tis the season for birthdays at our house. Three of our four birthdays are in a span of 33 days in the Scott household. So needless to say we do a lot of celebrating during that time period…and I do a lot of party planning! At the moment I’m in full force birthday-party-planning-mode for the…

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Lookin’ for Love…Gifts in Nature

So I have this little rock that sits on my windowsill above my kitchen sink.  It’s been sitting there for a couple of years now.  It isn’t anything fancy.  It’s rough and it’s rugged!  But it’s special! It’s special because my girls gave it to me.  They found this little treasure-of-a-rock while playing in the…

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Snow Days … the Perfect Time to Gather and to Connect

One Tuesday back in 2014 I spent over four hours stuck in gridlocked, icy roads desperately trying to drive a carload of 2nd graders back to school from a field trip to anxiously waiting parents.  Many a moment along that journey the feat seemed impossible…the kids hadn’t had lunch, some desperately needed to go to…

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Fun Friday Find: Nature Cards

After reflecting on my last post, I was thinking that some of you may be wanting to foster exploration in your kids and get them outside adventure-ing (my new word), but maybe you don’t know how, maybe you feel your kids aren’t naturally wired as explorers or maybe they’ve become “bored” with their typical outside…

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These Boots Are Made for Exploring!

A beautiful Spring-like day in January beckoned us to get outside for some major playtime and exploration this past weekend – knowing that some bitter cold temperatures would be moving back in soon.   As Doug wrote in his last post, he and Brown-Brown had recently cleared a path to the old, dried up lakebed behind our home…

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The Burlap Wreath | Year’round Door Decor

Add fall texture with a burlap wreath (with step-by-step instructions) - Redeem Your Ground |

Since Doug shared what he made for the family Christmas gift exchange this year (a Pallet Board Red Ribbon Star), I felt sure everyone was dying to know what I made. Well probably not, but I’m going to flatter myself and share what I made with you anyway.  A burlap wreath!  (That probably doesn’t surprise…

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