Repurposing Glass Jars as Charming Flower Vases


Last weekend I helped host a bridal shower with some friends for our pastor’s daughter.   What a fun and special celebration for this young bride!  One of my responsibilities as hostess was to bring flowers to brighten up the tables.  With all the glass jars on the counter from last week’s blog (on reusing them as inserts in decorative containers to bring some greenery inside)…it was a no-brainer – I’d repurpose them again as my vases.  They would be perfect for the “feel” of the party…casual and simple, yet unique and a bit whimsical.

Repurposing Glass Jars as Charming Flower Vases - Redeem Your Ground |


So using what I already had out…I picked up some yellow daisies at Costco (since yellow was the accent color for the shower) and filled the glass jars with bright yellow bouquets…and to add a bit more variation in shape and size I threw in a couple of small bud vases. They turned out so charming and had such a nostalgic look.  Had I not run out of time getting the food ready for the party, I would’ve tied some raffia around each of the jars.  That would’ve  been a nice added touch, but I think that they really turned out great without any embellishments…probably because the varied shapes and sizes of the jars alone created such great interest!  And I received the greatest compliment the day of the shower when a friend asked if she could borrow them for a party she was hosting in October.  Sure thing!

Repurposing Glass Jars as Charming Flower Vases - Redeem Your Ground |

So here’s my tip for this week…start saving those glass food jars! Gather a collection of them! Peel off the labels (and by the way, the labels come off really easily when they are wet…but if not, Goof Off will get any and all of the sticky off), wash them…and then give them a whole new life as charming flower vases. What an inexpensive resource to have on hand for your next party! The more the merrier! The greater the variety of shapes and sizes, the more interesting!   And bonus…if you drop and break one…no big deal…it didn’t cost you a thing!

Happy weekend!
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