For the Birds…How to Make Cheerios Bird Feeders


How to Make Cheerios Bird Feeders - Redeem Your Ground |
My mom,  sister, and aunts are all obsessed with the Eagle Cam at Berry College. They go online several times a day to see what’s going on with the eagles and their babies.  And then they text updates to everyone if they’ve caught them feeding the babies or doing something else interesting. Check it out for yourself…it’s really pretty cool.

How to Make Cheerios Bird Feeder - Redeem Your Ground |

Now I can’t promise that what you’ll see on the live cam is going to be very interesting at the time, but if you watch long enough you will. Regardless, there are some pics of the babies when they were born and some other videos that are really fun to watch. Our girls in particular love watching when the eaglets are getting fed.

So speaking of our girls, birds, food, and fun…after my umpteenth eagles update text, I was reminded of an activity I’ve really enjoyed doing with Brown and Little One – making Cheerios bird feeders.

Instructions on How to Make Cheerios Bird Feeders

This is such an easy activity for the kiddos…even if they’re still in preschool. And if you’ve had the kind of weather that we’ve had lately, it’s a particularly fun activity on a cold or rainy day. Not only does it keep them occupied when they’re all cooped up inside, it also helps them develop their fine motor skills. And the bonus is…you’re doing something kind for someone else – the birds!!!  I love it when you can tie a virtue into a craft activity!

    • All you need to make these no-mess bird feeders are pipe cleaners and Cheerios…that’s it! And odds are, you probably have both already at home.

How to Make Cheerios Bird Feeder - Redeem Your Ground |

    • First thing you’ll want to do is bend back one end of the pipe cleaner to keep the Cheerios from falling off the back end.

How to Make Cheerios Bird Feeder - Redeem Your Ground |

    • Then have your kiddos string the Cheerios onto the pipe cleaner until there is about two inches left on one end…or about 40 Cheerios…if you want to turn it into a counting activity.

How to Make Cheerios Bird Feeder - Redeem Your Ground |

    • Next…depending on the age of your kids, you may want to take over the final assembly by centering the Cheerios on the pipe cleaner and then bring the two ends together and twisting them to create circle of Cheerios.
    • Then twist the sections of pipe cleaners with no Cheerios together to make a smaller circle that will serve as the hanger.

How to Make Cheerios Bird Feeder - Redeem Your Ground |

    • Note…you could fill the entire pipe cleaner with Cheerios and have no hanger…and just hang it directly on a tree or bush; but I like the color the pipe cleaners add to our otherwise grey landscape this time of year.

Then all that’s left is to have your kids take their creations outside to hang on your bushes or trees…for the birds to enjoy!  But make sure it’s not on a rainy day or you’ll end up with a soggy feeder that falls apart! Ha!

How to Make Cheerios Bird Feeder - Redeem Your Ground |

How to Make Cheerios Bird Feeder - Redeem Your Ground |

Seriously though…this is such an easy and fun way to share a little love with your outside feathered friends this February!

Have fun!
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  1. Helen Barco on February 28, 2015 at 11:27 am

    Love the cheerio bird feeders, two of my sweet grandkids and I are going to make them this afternoon. I have lucky birds!
    Thanks for all your neat ideas!

    • Mary Retter on January 12, 2023 at 4:07 pm

      yes .. i seen how how easy and thought wow…
      ‘Mary from Iowa..

  2. Donna Swalley on February 28, 2015 at 3:35 pm

    Love it! Will do this when I get home. Thanx for the easy and great idea!

    • Doug Scott on March 2, 2015 at 6:48 am

      Donna & Helen: So glad you like the idea…and it REALLY is that easy. Take care, D.

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