5 Great End-of-the-Year Teacher Gifts … RYG Style!


Teacher Thank You Gift ... from Redeem Your Ground | RYGblog.com


It’s hard to believe…but summer’s almost here. And actually…ours has already begun since Brown and Littlest One got out of school last week…whoop whoop!!

That said, odds are if your kids are in grade school you’re probably looking for a thoughtful…yet inexpensive…end-of-the-year teacher gift.  So I wanted to help you out by sharing a few teacher gifts that fit the inexpensive and thoughtful bill…and also promote getting outside. This is the Redeem Your Ground blog…right?!




1. Garden Gloves & Seeds (with Printable)

A couple of years ago I did a post on Living Gifts…and one of those living gifts was something Littlest One gave her teacher who was also an avid gardener. And she loved it!

Teacher Thank You Gift ... from Redeem Your Ground | RYGblog.com


It simply consists of a pair of garden gloves and packets of Zinnia seeds tied up with raffia and a note attached that says “Thank you for helping our daughter grow this year”.  It may not be “living” yet…but it will be as soon as the seeds are put in the ground. And if you want to use the tag that I created, click here and you can print one out for yourself.


2. Thank You Herb Gifts

Jumping off of Doug’s post on herb gardening from earlier this week, here’s a really creative idea from ShakenTogetherLife.com that I found on A Night Owl Blog – Thank You Herb Gifts.

Teacher Thank You Gift ... from ShakenTogetherLife.com | RedeemYourGround.com


As can you see, it too is a very simple gift…fairly inexpensive and very thoughtful. If you’d like to find specific instructions, jump on over to A Night Owl Blog.


Teacher Thank You Gift ... from ShakenTogetherLife.com | RedeemYourGround.com

You can even continue your learning at home with a lesson on homonyms with some of these very clever tags.

3. Mason Jar Succulent Planters (with Printables)

Shanty2Chic’s Mason Jar Succulent Planter “Thank You for Helping Me Grow” gift is great. If you don’t have a wooden tray of your own, this one will require you to engage your crafty skills…but I think you’ll find it well worth it.


Teacher Thank You Gift ... from shanty-2-chic.com | RedeemYourGround.com


And to make it that much easier for you, in addition to providing you a printable for the tags, Shanty2Chic also provides a set of printable step-by-step instructions. Thank YOU Shanty2Chic!

4. Mason Jar Thank You Bouquet (with Printable)

Keeping the Mason jar theme going, this end-of-the-year teacher gift is so simple and will brighten up any teacher’s day. Jump on over to Skip to My Lou where Jenny Raulli from Bloom Designs Online shares just how to make one of your own.  She too provides a handy-dandy printable for the tag.


Teacher Thank You Gift ... from BloomDesignsOnline.com | RedeemYourGround.com


One of the great things about this or any other Mason jar teacher gift is that when the flowers have finished spreading their love, your teacher can add more of her favorite flowers…or use the Mason jar to store pencils or candy on her desk. Bonus!

5. Colored Pencil Vase

Here’s an end-of-the-year teacher gift that will bring a great deal of color to your teacher’s desk even when there aren’t flowers in it – a Colored Pencil Vase. I found this crafty gift idea on Happy Clippings.


Teacher Thank You Gift ... from HappyClippings.com | RedeemYourGround.com


Adding flowers to a vase made of colored pencils and a ruler-like ribbon makes for the perfect Redeem Your Ground + teacher themed gift don’t you think?!




I hope you’ve found these ideas helpful as you look for something special to give your children’s teacher this year.  Here’s to the end of school and to the beginning of summer!

Take care all,
Britt initial

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  1. Lizzy on May 15, 2016 at 7:13 am

    Brittany, I love all these ideas! We are going to do the colored pencil vase. My kids are going to have so much fun helping with this gift! Thank you!!

    • Doug Scott on May 15, 2016 at 4:57 pm

      Very cool…so glad you like them Lizzy. I’ll pass on your things to Britt. Hope you have a nice week my friend! – D.

  2. BEVERLY BONEY on May 15, 2016 at 11:29 am

    Perfect! Thanks for sharing these!

    • Doug Scott on May 15, 2016 at 4:56 pm

      You are so welcomed B! All pass your thanks on to Brit. I hope you and the rest of your crew are well my friend! Please say hello V for me. Take care, D.

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