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So I was sitting here trying to think of what I should post about next…and I was drawing a blank…nada…nothing! Maybe it’s because I’ve only had a half of cup of coffee today…I don’t know, but my brain is just a bit fuzzy.  Then I thought…rather than try to squeeeeeeze out any more inspiration from my yard or try to eeeeek out more words than I feel like I can – why don’t I just pass on to you what has inspired me. Hopefully…that will inspire you to do a bit of ground redeeming of your own…and maybe me too!

And what better place to go to do that than Pinterest – the bastion of all things beautiful, all things inspiring, and all things theoretically “doable”…theoretically…we’ll see.

Anyway, now that I think about it more…I like this idea a lot…so much so, that I might just do it on a semi-regular or maybe even a regular basis. Regardless…for my very first Today’s Top Pinterest Pins, I’m going to focus on those things that what we’d say fit into our BLEND category. In case you haven’t been to the BLEND page on RYGblog, here’s what we have to say about it…

BLEND | bring life inside – Blending your interior decor with natural materials, textures, and colors connects your inside and outside spaces. This is where we offer creative ideas to do just that and encourage you to bring life inside.


DIY “Love” Headboard (House Tweaking)

Alright…how cool is this DIY “Love” Headboard by House Tweaking? The reality is…it’s really constructed and hung more like a piece of art than a headboard.  The roughhewn characteristics of the boards (connected by thin scraps of wood on the back)…bring a real casual, comfortable feel to the space. And then…the easy “love” painted on it makes it personal. And what says bedroom more than words like casual, comfortable, and personal.

DIY Headboard | Top Pinterest Pins - Redeem Your Ground | | BLEND | House Tweaking |

DIY Industrial Coffee Table (The Locker)

I’ve really wanted to find a project where I can use plumbing pipes…and I think I’ve found it…a DIY Industrial Coffee Table that I found on a blog called The Locker. All it is…is pipes, screws, wood, and stain. And they provide a great list of materials and the steps you take to make your own. Check out this blog if you haven’t already…it has some great BLEND-y projects where the outside is definitely brought in.

DIY Pipe Coffee Table | Top Pinterest Pins - Redeem Your Ground | | BLEND | The Locker |

DIY Ladder (Simply Grove)

Do you have a narrow spot on the wall you need filled…or towels, quilts, and magazines you need hung? If so, try this couldn’t-be-easier DIY Ladder I found on the blog Simply Grove. What a cool idea. I actually just did something similar…I used one side of an old painting ladder as a perch for my chickens and then brought the other side inside to hand a bunch of quilts Britt’s collected over the years. I’ll post on that in the next few weeks.

DIY Ladder | Top Pinterest Pins - Redeem Your Ground | | BLEND | Simply Grove |

Large DIY Floor Mirror (HGTV Green Home 2012)

This is a project I’ve had on my list of things to do…well, since I saw this large DIY Floor Mirror in the HGTV Green Home 2012…so for some time. Although I’m going to make mine hang on the wall…the construction will be the same, just smaller scale. I already have the wood and the spot…a very blank spot now. So check back in later this year and I’ll post my results…and step-by-step instructions.

Large DIY Mirror | Top Pinterest Pins - Redeem Your Ground | | BLEND | HGTV Green Home 2012 |[…and 2 shoutouts related to this pin. The first is to Serenbe – where the 2012 HGTV Green Home is located. It’s an unbelievable, pastoral, funky, farm-to-table-kinda community just south of Atlanta…and when I say unbelievable, I mean it really is almost too good to be true. But if you’re not looking for a place to live, but somewhere to get away for just a few days, The Inn at Serenbe is one of Britt’s and my all time favorite places. We went there to celebrate our first anniversary, last year’s anniversary…and a number of times in between. If you haven’t been to either…and you’re in the area…I’d really recommend that you check them out. My second shoutout is to Steve Kemp of kemphallstudio…the firm that designed the 2012 HGTV Green Home. Steve is a close friend and he and his team do really amazing…inspired…work. As much as RYG wants to bring life to you and your family in your outdoor spaces, Steve wants to with your indoor spaces…he’s truly a gifted architect.]

DIY Painted Tree Stump Table

Talking about bringing the outside in!  Try using a tree stump as a side table.  I’ve been using tree stumps as tables and stools outside around our fire pit, but now I’m going to have to paint some and bring them inside after seeing this on Mechant Studio’s blog (which it looks like she found on …check it out.

DIY Painted Tree Stump Table | Top Pinterest Pins - Redeem Your Ground | | BLEND | Mechant Studio |


Alright…that’s what’s inspired me this week. What’s inspired you?

Until the next post…take care all,

Doug initial

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  1. Tricia Thornton on October 1, 2014 at 2:37 pm

    Love these pics! I want to do all of them! Especially, the headboard and the large mirror! Great ideas!

  2. Doug Scott on October 2, 2014 at 9:47 am

    Thanks Tricia…the large mirror is definitely on my short list of things to build. If you end up doing either, please pass along some pics. Take care, D.

  3. Susan Reel on December 7, 2014 at 9:05 pm

    Ummm .. I have a large mirror, and move it about depending on.. what I want reflected ..or hidden behind it!
    Mostly I place it in a half bath, covering a door we rarely use to our garage! It covers it completely, and reflects a somewhat attractive setting in a small guest bedroom.
    I’ve also used it in our dining room.. placed to reflect a long view of the dining room, a green planted area and the living room. The mirror’s doorway size ‘fools the eye’ to believe it’s a passage way to another room!

    • Doug Scott on December 8, 2014 at 5:38 pm

      Thanks Sue! You are not only creative with your outdoor (and indoor!) decor, but with your words as well. Love it all! Thanks for sharing…your great and creative solution. I love giving the impression that there’s something just beyond… I actually have a path that leads to a gate…that leads to a…10 foot drop into our creek! Someday I’d love to build a bridge across the creek…but for now, it simply suggests that there’s something interesting that lies beyond…BUT WATCH YOUR STEP!!! Thanks again, D.

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