Repurposing Glass Jars to Bring Some Green Inside

Repurposing Glass Jars as Charming Flower Vases - Redeem Your Ground |

My mom is amazing at bringing the outdoors in…what we like to call “BLENDing” here at RYG.  She has such a gift and an eye for plants and how to arrange them in such a lovely way.  She’s always gathering things from her yard and bringing the beauty inside for various occasions…or maybe for no…

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Evergreen Cuttings…Underutilized Throughout the Year

Christmas seems like one of the only times of the year when people use evergreen cuttings inside their homes…and when I say evergreen I mean a landscape shrub or tree that stays green all year round…not just from a fir or spruce tree.   I guess one of the few exceptions to that is bringing in…

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