Natural Play Spaces – Best for Your Kids’ Bodies & Minds [Guest Post by Holly Brooks | King Landscaping]

The Importance of Natural Play Spaces - Redeem Your Ground |

If you’ve spent any amount of time on RYGblog and you haven’t picked up on the fact that the primary reason I got into this ground redeeming business in the first place was because of my family – for my girls to have beautiful, creative, meaningful spaces to play, hang out, learn, and connect in at home…I apologize. Because that…

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These Boots Are Made for Exploring!

A beautiful Spring-like day in January beckoned us to get outside for some major playtime and exploration this past weekend – knowing that some bitter cold temperatures would be moving back in soon.   As Doug wrote in his last post, he and Brown-Brown had recently cleared a path to the old, dried up lakebed behind our home…

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