Sautéed Okra Recipe that Will Make an Okra Convert Out of You!

Sauteed Okra Recipe - Redeem Your Ground |

I posted this photo on my personal Instagram and Facebook pages with the tag…“Been anticipating our okra harvest this summer!  It’s time!  Mmmmm good!”  And so many of the comments had some type of reference to fried okra.  Now I do loooooove fried okra. It’s one of my favorite things to order at any southern cookin’ restaurant…

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4 Must-Haves for the 4th of July!

4th of July Must Haves - Redeem Your Ground |

In just a couple of days you’ll very likely be hanging out with a group of friends or family…celebrating the 4th of July. Which will likely involve being outside and eating some really good food…and maybe an adult beverage or two…and a sparkler thrown in there to round things out. So…to help you make your…

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Easy Pumpkin Seed Recipes…and Tasty Too!

Easy Pumpkin Seed Recipes - Redeem Your Ground |

With Halloween right around the corner, you, like me, may be gutting a pumpkin this weekend…transforming it into a jack-o-lantern. If so, I thought I’d re-post a post Britt did a couple of years ago about some pretty tasty pumpkin seed recipes. Happy Halloween Y’all, Okay…with Halloween behind us, I may be a day late…

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Lipsmacking Blueberry Spice Pie Recipe

Blueberry Pie Recipe - Redeem Your Ground |

It’s blueberry season again…and with the 4th of July right around the corner I thought I’d share my tasty blueberry spice pie recipe with you. It’s a recipe a dear friend made for us a few years back that has become a Scott Family favorite ever since.  And now that we grow our very own blueberries…

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Introducing … Lisa Steele and “Fresh Eggs Daily”

RYG 2016 Year In Review | Farm Fresh Eggs - Redeem Your Ground |

As I’ve said on previous posts, one of the biggest perks of this RYG journey has been getting to  meet some truly amazing people. (I air-quoted “meet” because I haven’t actually met them…or even talked to them, but I have gotten to know them on their blogs and through emails back and forth.) Anyway…the latest person I’ve met is Lisa Steele…a 5th…

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Zucchini Crisps with Basil Dipping Sauce (from McNack’s Kitchen)

Zucchini Crisps with Basil Dipping Sauce - Redeem Your Ground |

One of our favorite veggies to grow is zucchini…always the first to make the list when we sit down to plan our summer garden.  They are easy to grow…as long as I’m able to keep the vine borers and squash bugs away from them…and the girls and I love it whenever Britt fixes zucchini for dinner. One of my favorite things about my RYGblog…

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Delicious Recipe for Rosemary Bread

If you’ve visited RYGblog over the past couple of months you’ve gotten to know my friend and fellow home gardener, Tracy Prather.  Her Creamy Asparagus & Roasted Artichoke Soup recipe made us all think twice about two veggies that are often avoided (at least I once did)…and her last recipe for Parmesan Pork with Fresh Oregano definitely…

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Grilled Parmesan Pork with Fresh Oregano

[A few weeks back I introduced you to my friend and fellow home gardener, Tracy Prather…when she got us salivating over her Creamy Asparagus & Roasted Artichoke Soup recipe.  Well she’s back today with yet another lip-smacking delicious recipe…Grilled Parmesan Pork with Fresh Oregano. Thanks again Tracy…I look forward to trying this one out too!]…

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Creamy Asparagus & Roasted Artichoke Soup

[So today I have the pleasure of introducing you to Tracy Prather, a great friend and fellow home gardener.  She will be gracing us with some of her delicious recipes from time to time…and today’s Creamy Asparagus & Roasted Artichoke Soup is the first.  I wouldn’t be surprised if her healthy recipes inspired you to…

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