Redeem Your “Ground” … While You Can!

Redeem Your Ground |

(NOTE: At first blush you may think that this post has nothing to do with redeeming your ground. But, at the risk of sounding overly dramatic, it has everything to do with why it’s so important to redeem your ground while you can. Besides, writing this post has helped me process what happened … so…

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RYG 2016 in Pictures … What a Year It Was!

RYG 2016 Year In Review - Redeem Your Ground |

I’m still not certain if all this social media shtuff is a net-good-thing or not. Which is quite ironic given that I’m relying on social media to reach you … and it’s partly the foundation on which I’m trying to build Redeem Your Ground. Oh the tension of life. Regardless, one thing I do appreciate…

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RYG’s Gonna Be On TV Y’all!

RYG 2016 Year In Review | Family Veggie Garden - Redeem Your Ground |

Probably as is the case with you, these past few months have been a blur at casa de Scott. With all the end-of-school festivities and summertime activities it’s hard to believe that it’s already the middle of July and school’s going to start in just a few weeks! Crazy. One thing that has definitely added…

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Redeem Your Ground® in Southern Living®!

RYG 2016 Year In Review - Featured in April 2017 Southern Living | Redeem Your Ground |

It’s been a long-time coming…but it’s finally here! The April 2016 issue of Southern Living®! And Redeem Your Ground® & our back yard is featured in it! It is so crazy to see your very own back yard…much less your mug…in the glossy pages of a magazine. And Southern Living® for cryin’ out loud…beyond crazy! We…

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Define Your “Ground”

Define Your Ground - Redeem Your Ground |

  Hello friends!  Well it’s the second week of February and I’m finally sitting down to write my first post of the year.  Whaaat!?!? Where did January go?!?! January…for me, is usually a fairly calm, not too busy, get-caught-up-on-things kind of month that I always look forward to. Not this year.  January was a whirlwind…not the quiet,…

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Top Garden Blogs

Top Garden Blogs 2015 | Garden Bloggers Conference Hall of Fame Awards - Redeem Your Ground |

Hey Ground Redeemers…so on my Garden Trends 2015 post from last week I mentioned that we had some exciting news to share. Well, one very exciting bit of news is that Redeem Your Ground is a finalist in several categories of the Hall of Fame Awards at this year’s Garden Bloggers Conference. Anyway…this is pretty cool news…

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