The Monrovia & RYG Connection

The Monrovia & RYG Connection - |

  On my post from earlier this week I shared a video I did with Monrovia on fall shrub care. I know, right? Little ole’ me…RYG… just trying to help others get outside more, working with Monrovia…the end-all-be-all of plant companies. Whhhhaatt?!? Monrovia & RYG So how did I get connected with Monrovia? Well, I…

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Fall Shrub Care: Food | Water | Shelter (a la Monrovia)

Fall Shrub Care: Food | Water | Shelter - Redeem Your Ground | Monrovia ( |

  It’s finally feeling more like fall here in Atlanta…after a loooong, hot summer! As with any change of season, some folks are left wondering what they should be doing outside with their plants.  For me, yard work in the fall has a calmer cadence than it does in the other seasons. It’s more about…

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