The Monrovia & RYG Connection


The Monrovia & RYG Connection - |


On my post from earlier this week I shared a video I did with Monrovia on fall shrub care. I know, right? Little ole’ me…RYG… just trying to help others get outside more, working with Monrovia…the end-all-be-all of plant companies. Whhhhaatt?!?sidebar-vine

Monrovia & RYG

So how did I get connected with Monrovia? Well, I guess I have Google and a healthy dose of God’s favor for that. From what I understand, Monrovia found Redeem Your Ground through a Google search and they liked what & how we were doing things. And who we’re doing it for…which is y’all!

That led to their inviting me to attend their 90th Anniversary celebration all the way on the other side of the country. It was an email…so at first I honestly thought it was spam or some sort of fluke. But clearly I was wrong.

The Monrovia & RYG Connection - |

Photo Credit: for Monrovia.

Fast forward to the first weekend of August and I was hanging out with some other (really great!) garden bloggers and the folks from Monrovia at their beautiful nursery in Dayton, Oregon…just outside of Portland. It was a really incredible experience. Not only did I meet some truly amazing people, I also learned a lot about plants and about Monrovia…the company & the people (See the Top 3 Things I Learned below.)

The Monrovia & RYG Connection - |

So when I got back from Oregon, excited about all that I had learned…on a whim, I reached out to say thank you and to suggest a few ways we could work together. Why not, right? As my dad always says…You can’t catch a fish unless your hook’s in the water. So I guess you could say I was fishing.

Fast forward again…to the beginning of October…and there I was, in my back yard…awkwardly in front of the camera, being directed by my videographer friend, Joe Braun, and Monrovia’s Chief Marketing Officer, Katie Tamony. Crazy right?!? [If you missed the video, you can check it out below.]


I was so honored to play a role in the production of the video…and hoping that it’s well received and that it will encourage others to get outside more.sidebar-vine

Top 3 Things I Learned on My Monrovia Trip

To whet your whistle a bit, here are 3 things I plan to write more about from my trip to Monrovia’s nursery in Oregon.

1. There’s a Ton of Science behind Everything Monrovia Does.

The Monrovia & RYG Connection - |

While in Oregon I discovered that there is so much science behind everything that Monrovia does. From their soil mixes, water management, and tissue culture labs…to their hybridization & grafting methods, production schedule, and pest & disease control…it’s all steeped in science. And.Oh.So.Cool!

2. Monrovia’s Always on the Hunt for the Next Greatest Plants.

The Monrovia & RYG Connection - |

Whether it be in the far-off forests of China or in the plant breeding labs of Europe, Monrovia is always in search of unique, strong, beautiful plants that could one day be in your yard.

We met two of their leading plant hunters…who introduced us to Monrovia’s new plant collections. The stories they shared about each plant were really fascinating. So I look forward to sharing more on future posts.

3. Monrovia & RYG Want the Same Thing.

What I learned on my trip that encouraged me the most was how in line Monrovia’s and RYG’s passions and missions are.  They say “Grow beautifully” and we say “Redeem Your Ground.” Tomayto, tomahto.

Yes, they may be a huge company and RYG is…well…not. But at the end of the day, at the core we’re a lot alike – we both want to help people make the most of their outdoor spaces and lives…and if that bubbles over to the inside of their homes, literally & figuratively…all the better!

The Monrovia & RYG Connection - |



So there you have it…how RYG got connected with Monrovia and a bit about what I learned on my trip there.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed that there will be more to share about this connection in the future.

Oh…and please check back to read more about what I learned from my trip to Monrovia on future posts.

Take care friends,
Doug initial

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  1. Tara on November 23, 2016 at 6:22 am

    Love love Monrovia Products!!! We have been buying their products from the Barn Nursery in Chattanooga! Just bought two beautiful trees up there and they delivered to little Ole Cartersville!!! I had researched them a long time ago and knew they were a must! Glad to see them on your site and what an awesome trip!

    • Doug Scott on November 23, 2016 at 9:43 am

      Hey Tara! So GREAT to hear from you my friend!!! I hope you, your Mr. and y’all’s 17 kids are all doing well. Please let us know the next time you drive south…we’d love to see you. Perhaps y’all can hang out for a while…and bring home some farm-fresh-eggs!
      And yes, Monrovia products really are the best. I’ve known that from how well their plants we have in the ground have grown…but after my trip to their nursery in Oregon, I now know why. They are so intentional about not only shipping the healthiest plants…but are also incredibly intentional about making sure that once they are in the ground all over the world that they have the best chances of thriving. I’ll write more on some of that on future posts…so check back if you’re interested. [By the way, what kind of trees did you buy?]
      Thanks so much for your comment and reaching out…and again, we’d love to see y’all!!! Take care, D. (…& B. and our girls!)

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