The RYG Video

When we launched Redeem Your Ground │ Exterior Design Studio, we wanted to creatively differentiate ourselves from other landscape design firms. While most firms do a great job at selling the what (e.g., plants and firepits), RYG is all about the why – why our clients want to invest in their yard in the first place and how they want to live at home.   That’s how we’re different.  We want to first discover each of our clients’ why’s, uniquely capture that through intentional design…and then use plants, firepits or whatever else to make their why’s come to life.  This video is one of the ways we are trying to share that vision.

Our hope is that the video evokes memories of your childhood (e.g., carefree summer days playing in the backyard), while inspiring hopeful dreams for your family’s future. We’ve included it here on the RYGblog to simply get you thinking about how you and your family could redeem your ground at home.  Regardless of who you hire to do it or if you do it yourself, we just want to help you start moving in that direction.

A GREAT BIG THANKS to our buddy Joe Braun ( – who so graciously gave of his time and talents to produce this video.  And to our many friends who spent the day with us hanging out in our backyard…trying to act natural – even if they had a camera staring at them.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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