As we work hard to redeem our ground here at home, we recognize that there are many people around the world who do not have access to food, water, or other necessities of life.  While our circumstances are quite different, our basic needs are the same. That’s why we have decided to help others around the world redeem their ground…to make it usable, sustainable, and profitable.  As we work to create outdoor living spaces that “bring life” to our families in a figurative sense, we hope to help “bring life” to those in great need around the world in a literal sense as well.

Each year RYG will partner with our readers, as well as our design studio clients, to build wells for water, provide chickens and cows for food and profit, and supply resources for sustainable gardening. The specific organization we support will change from time to time based on needs we become aware of and the stories the stories that impact us.

Currently, we are supporting Beat the Drum Village, an orphanage for children living with HIV/AIDS outside of Nairobi, Kenya. Doug traveled to Beat the Drum in November 2011, and the children there and their stories made a lasting impression on him and his family. To learn more about Beat the Drum Village watch this informational video or go to their website at


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This past Saturday was just one of those days. Not one of those days …bad. But one of those days…good, so good. And at the end of this oh-so-good day we plopped our exhausted bodies, full stomachs, reeling minds, and overflowing hearts in bed…satisfied…content…thankful…wondering why days like this didn’t happen more often. So what amazing […]

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Although we’re going to invest in redeeming the ground for the kids at Beat the Drum in Kenya…that’s certainly not where it has to start or end. Helping redeem the ground of neighbors or friends…or someone we barely know…is a great way to pay it forward too. It doesn’t have to be overseas…and in fact, […]

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