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Family Valentine's Day Activity...Family Love Notes - Redeem Your Ground |

For those of you who’ve been around for a year or more you may have seen this post last year…because it’s from last year. And since Valentine’s Day comes around every year and we’re a family who likes their traditions…you may see this post every year. It’s also because I really like it…and honestly, how can you not like family love notes?!?

So if you didn’t read this post last year, read it this year. Regardless, I challenge you to write each member of your family a love note from February 1st until Valentine’s Day. It really is a great way to say some things that too often go unsaid. Take care friends, D.

Alright, Valentine’s Day is almost upon us…so I thought I’d share something with y’all that we do to make it an occasion that our whole family enjoys.  As with most of our family traditions I can’t take any credit for it. Britt…being the words of affirmation kinda girl that she is…thought of and initiated it a number of years ago – Family Love Notes.

It’s really very simple and I’m certain you have all you need to do it. Besides being a lot of fun it creates an opportunity for you say things to each other that you might not think to say very often…or at all.

Simply grab a stack of sticky notes and a few pens and put them somewhere where everyone can get to. For us that’s our kitchen island.

Family Valentine's Day Activity...Family Love Notes - Redeem Your Ground | RYGblog.comThen every day for a period of time everyone writes a note to every other member of the family…telling them how or why they love them. Then you place them around the house for everyone else to find…which basically turns into a Family Love Note Scavenger Hunt.

That’s it. I told you that it’s really simple.

Tips for Your Family Love Notes

As you consider how your family might want to start this family tradition, I thought I’d share a few things that we do:

  • What you write on your love notes is completely up to you. They can be really deep and heartfelt. Or they can be really silly. I think at some point both of my girls have told me that they love me because of my poofy hair. Awww…so sweet!
  • I think when we first started writing our family Valentine’s love notes we just did it for the week before Valentines. But because we loved it so much for the past few years we’ve started on February 1st.
  • What you do with your love notes after you find them is your call. Initially Britt wanted us to keep them wherever they were placed…but that ended up making our house look pretty crazy with sticky notes everywhere. Now she puts them at her desk where she can look at them all at once every day. I put them on my closet door so that it’s one of the first things I see every morning and one of the last things I see every night. Each of our girls typically puts them on their bedroom doors.
  • You can keep them up until Valentine’s Day or for as long as you like. Call me lazy or just sentimental, but last year I kept mine on my closet door until just about a month ago.

Family Valentine's Day Activity - Family Love Notes - RYGblogRegardless of how your family does it, we’ve found that stopping for just a few minutes each day to focus on each other in this way has breathed a good bit of life into the cadence of our family…and I hope it does for your family as well.

I guess you could say that this simple little activity during a time that typically focuses on romantic love has redeemed a little bit of our family time…making it something that we all look forward to every year.

Take care friends,
Doug initial

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4 thoughts on “Family Valentine’s Activity – Family Love Notes

    • Very cool Mz. Lizzy! We really do enjoy doing it…M’bear especially. AK is needing a bit more coaxing these days…but that comes with being almost 14 I guess. I actually just took mine from last year off of my closet door to make way for this year’s notes. I then keep them in separate stacks in my “card/keepsake” drawer…anticipating looking at them years from now. Besides seeing what M’bear loved about me 3 years ago, just looking at her writing is pretty sweet. Anything…Happy Valentines Day to you and yours my friend…and thanks for chiming in! Cheers, D.

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