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In keeping with our theme of simplifying life, my dear wife suggested that we all bring homemade gifts for our Christmas gift exchange with her extended family this past year.  Although I think it took a little bit of convincing for some (they weren’t certain if making something was really simpler than just buying something), eventually everyone was on board.  Go Britt!

So on the morning of Christmas Eve…despite the fact that I had known for months that we were supposed to be making our gifts, I was still scrambling around trying to figure out what I was going to make.  (If you knew me…that wouldn’t be a surprise.)  Anyway…not being able to come up with anything on my own, off to Pinterest I went…the bastion of all things inspiring. Pulling up one of Britt’s boards, I found a project that I thought I’d be able to do in no time…create a ribbon and pallet board star.  Seemed easy enough…and we already had everything we needed to make it.Red Ribbon and Pallet Board Star - Redeem Your Ground |

Although it took a bit more time than I anticipated, it really was very easy. We used a thick red ribbon because it was Christmastime, but you could use most anything to form your star – depending on if you wanted to display it year round or where you were placing it. For example: twine or wire wrapped around a number of times, rope or really ribbon of any color.  Regardless of what you use to make the star, because it’s displayed on pallet wood and has a more informal construction it certainly blends outside elements inside your home.

If you’d like a materials list and instructions to make your own star, simply click on this link or the image below:  INSTRUCTIONS – DIY RED RIBBON PALLET BOARD STAR.

So who went home from the gift exchange with the red star? Well…we had hoped to, but not this time.  Britt’s cousin made the final “steal” to claim it as hers.  So I guess that means I’ll be making one for Britt sometime this year.

By the way, the homemade Christmas gift exchange ended up being a big hit by all…guys, girls and across all generations.  I’d highly recommend it.  There was a greater sense of thought and pride and appreciation from everyone…givers and receivers alike.  I’m hoping we do it again next year.

Let us know if you’ve made anything creative out of pallet boards or a variation of this project.

Take care,
Doug initial

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  1. Dani on January 11, 2014 at 12:59 pm

    Great idea! I love it! Love the homemade gift exchange too! What fun! Maybe we should do this for next years Elder gift exchange! I really missed it this year.

    • Doug Scott on January 11, 2014 at 8:15 pm

      Thanks Dani! It really was a great idea of Britt’s…everyone really did seem to enjoy it and it did make our time together a bit more meaningful. Which is the point. Right? It forced us to stop and think and consider and be and focus…things we don’t seem to do much of anymore in our fast-paced world. Take care my friend, Doug

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