Zip Line Adventures in Our Own Backyard!


Woopwoop!  Our first “Share Your Story” submission!  Hopefully this trend will continue…where others will start sharing their stories here too – inspiring others to live fuller lives at home outside.  As you can see by the submission below, here’s a family that’s doing just that!  

[Alright, in full disclosure…this story was not submitted by some unbiased, random RYGblog visitor.  But rather, by my dear little sister…Donna.  You’ll probably hear more about her as I recount stories of our childhood playing outside in Central Florida. I’d like to say that she’s as wonderful and as creative as she is because of how great of a big brother I am.  She’d probably say that that doesn’t surprise her.  Love her.  Thanks Shaka-Don!]


We live on about 2 acres in a beautiful subdivision just south of Birmingham, AL. We love our house and the potential that we see in the property we live on. The back third of our lot is wooded where the kids love to explore…when they make it up there.  At some point we’d like to add an archery and BB gun range, a fort and bike paths…making fuller use of all the space we have and encouraging more unstructured play outside.  

Our first official venture into the woods took place just a few weeks ago.  My kids have been asking for a zip line for some time now…and for Christmas their wish came true.  They are having a blast with it! We look forward to lots of  fun times zipping on our zip line, and enjoying all the other possibilities for this part of our yard  as the rest of the plans unfold.

Thanks for letting me share my story,
Donna S.
Birmingham, AL


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