Family Roots Run Deep & Strong…


Not only did I come from a family who enjoys being outside…whether hunting in the woods or getting our fingers dirty in our yard, I was also fortunate to marry into one that does as well.  Some of my richest memories of childhood are of being outside with my family…something that Britt and I are trying to create for our girls too.

One of the ways we’ve tried to bring a sense of family history to our home is by transplanting plants from other family members into our yard. There’s just something really soul-enriching and heart-filling about being able to walk through our yard and tell Brown-Brown and Little One… “that hydrangea was in Great Grandma’s yard in Virginia,” “those cast iron plants were in Nana’s yard in Florida,” “that camellia was Mimi’s,” and “those ferns were pulled from Grandma’s creek bed.” Each plant has a story that grounds us in family and history and meaning and love…stories that continue today and that will continue well into our futures and beyond. Sure, my yard is full of plants I bought at local nurseries and big box stores, but there’s just something really special about the plants that have been handed down from generations past and present – each representing both memories and important characters in our life stories.

From time to time we’re going to have some of these characters provide some added texture and color to what is shared here. One of the more colorful characters is Britt’s mom, Brenda. She is full of life…not wanting to miss a thing…and not wanting anyone in her life to miss a thing either! Despite her fast and furious ways at times, she has richly blessed my life and has blessed our girls’ lives in ways that they won’t fully appreciate for years to come.  One of the ways she and I have connected over the years has been by walking around our yards talking about our plants and what we plan to do next.  Like me, her Saturdays typically involve something to do with her yard…she just can’t help herself.

Later this week I’m going to post Brenda’s first entry on RYGblog…about a recent trip she took to visit a friend who has an amazing home and landscape. Brenda’s take on her friend’s amazing potting shed shows her appreciation for both form and function.  Stay tuned!

So who are the characters in your life that provide texture, color, and greater meaning of family and history to your story at home? If not a family member, who could it be…who could you “adopt”?

What are you doing to help make that happen…or at least ensure that there’s a respect and an appreciation for it?

Take care,
Doug initial

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  1. Wendy Meredith on February 4, 2014 at 9:43 am

    Morning Doug and Brittany,
    Love yesterday’s blog!
    In response to your question regarding the ” characters ” in our lives who provide all that texture, color, and greater meaning there is none other than the fast-paced and fast-talking Brenda! Her notes are the best because they read as if she were standing in front of you…….words on paper but spilling (overflowing) with all the heartfelt “stuff” she wants to share.
    There are few mother-in-laws like her and I expect fewer son-in-laws who appreciate and acknowledge the gifts Mom’s bring to the picture.
    Happy Day!

    • Doug Scott on February 4, 2014 at 5:33 pm

      Thanks Wendy…you know Brenda well…as both a dear friend and a “character”! She is all those things you wrote about and more. My girls are certainly blessed by “characters” on both sides of their family tree…and there certainly is none like their Mimi! Thanks for your kind words Wendy…here and otherwise, as Britt and I launch into this ground-redeeming venture.

      And Happy Day to you too! – D.

  2. Kate Buszka on February 6, 2014 at 12:26 pm

    Hello, Scotts!

    Kate, here! Your family came to mind the other day. My husband and I just purchased our first home and, despite this freezing weather, we’re already itching to get outside and start creating new spaces in our yard. Redeem Your Ground was the first thought that came to my mind as we were scheming about future plans for the two of us in our yard, our new nephews, and eventually a family of our own — so I had to come check-in and see what y’all are up to. I’m loving what I’m seeing/reading. Thanks for the inspiration! Keep it coming… Cheers!

    • Doug Scott on February 6, 2014 at 3:11 pm

      Kate: GREAT to hear from you my friend. Thanks for reaching out…I saw that you were on Pinterest earlier this week too! Thanks also for your kinds words AND all that you did to help get things off the ground. I hope that you are well. I’ve gotten a ton of great feedback on your masterful creativity!

      Please let me know if I can help you and your hubby “redeem your ground”. Seriously, send me an email…or call. You could even send me some pics and then we could discuss specific areas.Would love to help out.

      I hope you’re enjoying your new job…would love to hear more.

      Take care – D.

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