Snow Days … the Perfect Time to Pause and to Play


Being the Florida boy that I am … the closest thing I had to a snow day growing up was having to stay home from school because of a hurricane. But those days were characterized by simply being stuck inside and fearing that our windows were going to be blown in. I’ve since learned that that certainly is not the case with snow days.

Atlanta, where we live, will get “slammed” with snow from time to time. The stories of we Atlantans freaking out are many. I get it. Heck, when the temps move towards freezing and there’s any chance of precipitation, we have reporters stationed throughout the area in search of that first snow flake. Saturday Night Live even jumped on the bandwagon making fun of us after Snowmageddon 2014.

But with all freaking out and making fun aside … and regardless of where you live … snow days are a great time to pause and reflect. Reflect on life, on beauty, on Creation, on our relationships, on the past, on the future, whatever … a gift of time to just breathe and consider.  And of course … to get outside and play!  Snow days may be the only time during our oh-so-busy-because-we’re-oh-so-important lives … planned to the gills and absent of margin … to do any pausing or playing.

So when the next snow day comes around, join me when I close down my laptop and turn off all other devices to pause and play. By doing so we will be redeeming this unique time we’ve been given. Let it weave some time of both reflection and adventure into your family story.

Take care,
Doug initial




PS: Here are some pics of my girls and their neighborhood friends making the most of their time during Snowmageddon 2014.

Snow_AMThe day started with so much to offer.

Snow_eggsOur feathered ladies weren’t going to stop being productive today!

Snow_3Quiet and still.

Snow_berryBeauty in bold contrast.

Snow_gardenThere’s something so beautiful about everything being blanketed in snow.

Snow_MHS1Little Sister excited to be outside and NOT at school!

Snow_AK2Brownie is all smiles sledding down our street!

Sweet_kidsSweet neighborhood kids hanging out in the treehouse.

Crazy_kidsCrazy neighborhood kids hanging out in the treehouse!


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  1. Noemy on January 29, 2014 at 5:50 pm

    Today my son and I spent four hours with some neighbors breaking up ice and shoveling snow. When my hubby found his way home, two (or more) additional hours were spent shoveling…
    We worked hard together so some neighbors could get up the hill (directly in front of our house) and out of the subdivision.
    It was a good day!

    • Doug Scott on January 29, 2014 at 9:52 pm

      Noemy: It does sound like a great day…another story of people coming together to help each other. I’m sure you and your neighbors will rest well tonight. Thanks for sharing, D

  2. Brenda Copeland on February 4, 2014 at 10:05 pm

    Oh the beauty of an unexpected gift. IF you weren’t stuck in the horror story on the roads here in Atlanta and were blessed to be at home, you were blessed with a gift. You became freed from all schedules and commitments…the gift of freedom to do whatever you wanted. A gift indeed. Whether it was – sledding, reading a book, building a snowman, having snowball fights, playing games, doing a puzzle, cleaning out closets, drinking hot chocolate while visiting with family or neighbors, looking at pictures, watching movies…it certainly was a reflective, rejuvenating salve for the soul. Working together, helping others, playing together or a little solitude…great reprieve from the rat race of our lives. I loved it! AFTER my 15 minute ride that took 4 hours was behind me that is!

    • Doug Scott on February 5, 2014 at 12:35 pm

      No doubt! We had an amazing time being stuck together. Sad that it sometimes takes something like our crazy weather to “force” us to spend more quality time together. But we definitely received it as the gift that it was. Here’s to being more intentional about things between now and the time we’re forced to do it again! Thanks and take care, D.

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