The Southern Rustic Cabin … by Emily Followill

The Southern Rustic Cabin by Emily Followill - Redeem Your Ground |

The Southern Rustic Cabin … by Emily Followill


A year or so ago I did a post on coffee table books…and how they tell a story about who you are – or at least, what you’re interested in.  Well this week we added The Southern Rustic Cabin by Emily Followill to our coffee table stacks and this is what it says about us…

  • We love beautiful things…particularly gorgeous, emotive photographs of landscapes and architecture.
  • We love most anything that tells a story by just looking at it…bringing us to another time and place.
  • We’re from the South and appreciate its textured history.
  • As cliché as it sounds, we believe that “the home is where the heart is”…or at least where it should be.
  • We have a design aesthetic that blurs the lines between interior and exterior spaces in a rough-hewn, yet sophisticated, sort of way.
  • We have a friend named Emily Followill.

So if any of these things resonate with you I’d highly recommend that you check out Emily’s latest book, The Southern Rustic Cabin, which is chock-full of stunning photographs that tell the unique stories of thirteen cabins nestled in the forested mountains of the South.

The Southern Rustic Cabin by Emily Followill - Redeem Your Ground |

Emily Followill – Southerner, Expert Eye, Accomplished Photographer, & Childhood Friend

The Southern Rustic Cabin by Emily Followill, Photographer - Redeem Your Ground | RYGblog.comBefore I provide you with some goodie about Emily’s amazing book, let tell you a little bit about Emily, the person…

An Atlanta native, Emily rests unapologetically on her Southern roots…as is evidenced by her gracious demeanor, love of family, and classic, personal style.  Her knack for capturing the “soul” of something through stirring photography started at a very early age. Emily honed her natural talents over the years as she made photography her life’s work…fortunately for us!

And many have taken notice. You can find her work in nationally and internationally known publications, such as: VerandaBetter Homes and GardensTraditional Home, Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles, and Southern Living. Her photographs also grace the pages of James Farmer’s A Time to Celebrate: Let Us Keep the Feast and Dinner on the Grounds: Southern Suppers and Soirees.

But putting all her professional accomplishments aside, Emily is just a great person through and through. Someone you’d want as a friend. We know…Emily and Britt went to high school together. And although they don’t get to see each other nearly as much as they would like, Britt has treasured memories of Emily and considers her a dear friend to this day. So it’s not only Emily’s adept skills behind the camera that differentiate her work from other photographers’, but her heart as well.  Keep reading…or looking…and you’ll see what I mean by that.

The Southern Rustic Cabin

Rather than recreating the wheel, let me let its inside cover tell you what The Southern Rustic Cabin is all about…

In the cool, wooded mountains of the American South, each log cabin has a rich history and a unique personality. Thirteen homeowners across the South took on the challenge of preserving the age-old qualities of their cabins while renovating, revitalizing, and redecorating these treasures to support modern living and reflect their personal styles.

The Southern Rustic Cabin by Emily Followill - Redeem Your Ground | RYGblog.comSo as you can see, this is more than just a book of pretty pictures. The Southern Rustic Cabin captures the stories of historical homes as told by their current owners…how they made them their own, while preserving the past…how the homes were changed and how the owners were changed in the process. In true RYG language, I’d say that they “redeemed their ground”!

Now before I let some of Emily’s pictures continue the story and whet your appetite for more, I must mention one thing…not all of these cabins are of the Abe Lincoln or Little House on the Prairie ilk. Some are (or were!)…but as you’ll see, many of the featured log cabins are of a grander scale. But regardless of their size, each cabin is rustic…and more importantly, each cabin has something beautiful and interesting to say.

So take it away Emily…with some of your other gorgeous pictures…

The Southern Rustic Cabin by Emily Followill - Redeem Your Ground |

The Southern Rustic Cabin by Emily Followill - Redeem Your Ground |

The Southern Rustic Cabin by Emily Followill - Redeem Your Ground |

Ok…so I realize that this last picture isn’t of a cabin. However, I just had to include it…given my family’s love of tree houses. But shoot, look at it…wouldn’t you want to spend a good bit of time there? I know I would!

sidebar-vineSo if you want to see more, please go online or to your local book store to buy your very own copy of Emily’s The Southern Rustic Cabin…and let it inspire you and tell something about who you are as well.

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  1. Brenda Copeland on May 7, 2016 at 10:36 pm

    What a gloriously rich book! The photography and the subject matter are truly over the top in all very good ways. It is inspiring and reminiscent of our roots, foundations, times more simple and grounded. Yes, it reflects redeeming ground in a really beautiful way! Thank you Emily for this truly marvelous book! It is a treasure!

    • Doug Scott on May 11, 2016 at 4:30 pm

      Agreed…Emily’s beautiful work oozes with beauty…history…and tradition. It truly is a lovely book! As always, thanks for chiming in! Take care, D.

  2. At Rivercrest Cottage on June 26, 2017 at 10:32 am

    Just found this post and had to let you know you’ve sold me on the book. Now on my must purchase list.

    • Doug Scott on June 27, 2017 at 2:47 pm

      My friend Emily and I thank you! And hope you enjoy it as much as we have. Take care, Doug

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