Deer-Resistant Plants & Deer-Deterring Tips

Awww … isn’t Bambi cute!?! Well … that is until he and the rest of his family have laid waste to your garden! That’s not so cute! If your yard seems to be a frequent stop along the Deer Garden Tour, you’re in luck … well, relatively speaking. The post I did for Monrovia’s Grow…

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Clay Soil: How to Work with It & My Top 5 Plants

Amending Your Soil - Redeem Your Ground |

  There are few things that say Georgia more than red Georgia clay. Songs have been written about it and movies, like Gone with the Wind, have taken their cues from it. And for gardeners in the South, clay is just our reality. Although clay-rich soil poses some definite challenges, planting in it doesn’t have…

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How to Make a Holiday Chandelier

How to Make a Holiday Chandelier | Redeem Your Ground -

One of the things I love most about this time of year is how warm and inviting our house looks & feels once all of our decorations are up & on display.  Yes, the lights add that special glow and each ornament has a story to tell; but I think it’s the layers of texture…

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How to Make a Magnolia Leaf Centerpiece

How to Make a Magnolia Leaf Centerpiece | Redeem Your Ground -

One of my favorite trees that graces our yard is a massive Southern Magnolia. She stands over 100’ tall and speaks to both the history of the South and our home’s previous owners. And not only is she the perfect home for our girls’ treehouse, her branches and leaves are great to bring inside to…

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Father’s Day for the Gardening Dad

Father's Day for the Gardening Dad - Redeem Your Ground & Monrovia | &

Gardening isn’t just a hobby for me – it’s a passion that both stirs me and grounds me…connecting me to nature’s honest rhythms and to what was best about my childhood. This deep love for the outdoors and gardening began when I was a boy… …transplanting perennials from my grandparents’ yard with my mom… …hunting…

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Basic How-To’s for Planting Plants [Video for Exmark]

Long story…but a number of months ago I was asked to be the guy in front of the camera for some how-to videos being produced for the premier lawn mower company, Exmark (see below for more on Exmark). Never did I ever think that this Redeem Your Ground journey would land me there. But sure enough, there was…

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RYG 2016 in Pictures … What a Year It Was!

RYG 2016 Year In Review - Redeem Your Ground |

I’m still not certain if all this social media shtuff is a net-good-thing or not. Which is quite ironic given that I’m relying on social media to reach you … and it’s partly the foundation on which I’m trying to build Redeem Your Ground. Oh the tension of life. Regardless, one thing I do appreciate…

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The Monrovia & RYG Connection

The Monrovia & RYG Connection - |

  On my post from earlier this week I shared a video I did with Monrovia on fall shrub care. I know, right? Little ole’ me…RYG… just trying to help others get outside more, working with Monrovia…the end-all-be-all of plant companies. Whhhhaatt?!? Monrovia & RYG So how did I get connected with Monrovia? Well, I…

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Fall Shrub Care: Food | Water | Shelter (a la Monrovia)

Fall Shrub Care: Food | Water | Shelter - Redeem Your Ground | Monrovia ( |

  It’s finally feeling more like fall here in Atlanta…after a loooong, hot summer! As with any change of season, some folks are left wondering what they should be doing outside with their plants.  For me, yard work in the fall has a calmer cadence than it does in the other seasons. It’s more about…

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