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Last week I did a post on some crazy stuff we crazy chicken people do with our chickens – put diapers on them, use harnesses to take them on walks, and dress them up in costumes.  But honestly, these are all things really more for our benefit or entertainment than for our chickens’. So clearly it was not the most helpful of posts, but certainly humorous.

To balance things out, I thought today that I’d provide you with some very practical goodie on taking care of chickens during the bristly cold winter months. And as is always the case for me, whenever I have a question or need advice on my chicken-raising efforts, I reach out to friend and chicken whisperer extraordinaire Lisa Steele from Fresh Eggs Daily.

I believe that there’s really no better source for practical and time-tested insight than from Lisa and her mother lode of chicken-loving information. So check out her 3 posts below…and then let your fingers do the walking all around Fresh Eggs Daily. You’ll leave there both inspired and very well-informed.sidebar-vine

Cold Weather Chicken Care Guide

If there’s just one link you click on to gain all kinds of insight into taking care of your flock during winter, it’s this one. Here you’ll find that Lisa has pulled together anything and everything she has posted on the subject. Not only will you discover some great information on caring for your chickies during winter, but Lisa has also provided some recipes for winter treats…and some things you should think about before winter is in full swing.Taking Care of Your Chickens During Winter...Cold Weather Chicken Care Guide - Redeem Your Ground | & Fresh Eggs Daily |

So jump on over there and see for yourself …you’ll be glad that you did. I certainly was.

To Heat or Not to Heat Your Coop this Winter

Although the link on “to heat or not heat your coop” during winter’s cold months is included in Lisa’s post above, because it’s one of the questions I hear most, I thought I’d highlight here.

What I like most about this post is Lisa’s balanced and reasoned approach to answering this very important and often asked question. She doesn’t just say don’t do it or do do it, but instead she explains why you shouldn’t and why there are times when you should consider doing it. And in the end, once you know the pros and cons, she recommends that you do what’s best for you.Taking Care of Your Chickens During Winter...To Heat Your Coop or Not | & Fresh Eggs Daily |

You see…this is just one of the reasons why Lisa is my go-to source for all of my chicken-raising questions.

Five Easy Ways to Keep your Chickens’ Water from Freezing this Winter

Even though the weather here in Georgia may not be nearly as cold as yours, figuring out the best way to keep our ladies’ water from freezing is still something that I have to deal with. Sure it’s a pain, but it’s critical that your chickens always have a source of fresh water. Even if you changed their water recently, if it has turned to its solid state…ice, you may as well have given them rocks to drink.Taking Care of Your Chickens During Winter...Keeping the water from freezing - Redeem Your Ground | & Fresh Eggs Daily |

So check out Lisa’s post to find out which of the 5 ways she’s suggested is best for you to keep your flock’s water fresh, flowing, and drinkable.sidebar-vine

Thanks Lisa for all of your cold weather advice…and for letting me share it with my friends here on RYGblog. It will go a long way to help all of us backyard-chicken-raising folks take much better care for our feathered friends this winter.

Take care and stay warm fellow ground redeemers,
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