3 Must-See Nature-Themed Time Lapse Videos


3 Must-See Nature-Themed Time Lapse Videos - Redeem Your Ground | RYGblog.com

Needing a little inspiration myself, I came across a few nature-themed time lapse videos that are really incredible. So rather than keeping all the beauty and inspiration to myself I thought I’d share them with you…my fellow Ground Redeemers.

And although they won’t make spring come any faster, they may warm these cold winter months up just a bit…making the wait a little more bearable.



Amazing Nature by Chokchai Love King

Perfectly titled, Amazing Nature  by Chokchai Love King…truly is amazing! Like the crazy footage you see on one of those nature shows…showing the close up of some bug eating another bug…where you’re left scratching your head wondering how in the world did they get that shot…this video will truly fill you with awe and wonder. So depending on the time of day…grab a cup of coffee or glass of wine and allow your breath to be taken away for the next 5 or so minutes.

Monarch Butterfly Metamorphosis by FrontYard Video

We love butterflies – how beautiful they are and what their pollinating efforts do for our flowers and veggies. Our girls have even raised their own butterflies.  But beyond both their beauty and function in our garden, the butterfly’s story…transforming from caterpillar to butterfly…is the quintessential metaphor for life change. So check out FrontYardVideos video capturing this metamorphosis for all of us to enjoy and be inspired by.

Landscapes: Volume 2 by Dustin Farrell

Landscapes: Volume 2 is the 2nd in a 3-part series by photographer Dustin Farrell. After seeing the amazing footage (or shots…not certain what it’s called in time lapse photography) of Arizona and Utah, I’m sure you’ll want to check out Farrell’s volumes 1 and 3. This video is truly breathtaking…so make sure to watch it in full-screen and HD if you can.


I hope y’all enjoyed these videos as much as I did…and perhaps they will inspire you to get outside when the weather permits (or not!).

Take care friends,
Doug initial

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