Eyesore Makeovers – Making Over What You Don’t Want to See!


Eyesore Makeovers - Making over what you don't want to see! | Redeem Your Ground & Exmark | www.RedeemYourGround.com & www.Exmark.com


On the landscape design side of Redeem Your Ground, more often than not when I’m onsite with my clients they have some sort of outdoor eyesore, so to speak, that they want to address. Whether it’s to hide their trashcans, utility boxes, or views of their neighbor’s garage or backyard…or what to do with their wimpy patches of grass…there is always something that they’ve been looking at for years that they don’t want to look at one. more. day.

Redeem Your Ground & Exmark | Types of Mulch | RedeemYourGround.comIf you have an outdoor eyesore that you’ve been wanting to just be gone, check out the post I did for Exmark on what to do about it.

If you’ve been on RYGblog lately, you may have seen one of the videos I did with for Exmark’s “Done-in-a-Weekend” series. If not or if you’ve never heard of Exmark, they are the Grand Poobah of mower manufacturers.  They’ve historically lived in the professional grade mower world, but have recently come out with a line of mowers that are geared toward homeowners, particularly those with 1+ acres of land. So if that’s you…be sure to check them out.

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